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    You ready to have those fragile heartstrings pulled? Google Glass has just released a wonderful short film perfect for any mom this Mother's Day. Of course, it's basically an ad to hype up their Google Glass, but who cares! I barely even knew what Google Glass was (it's a a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, says good ol' Wikipedia), so damn the corporate advertising giants for making an ad that actually ... works!

    What better way to show off the perks of Google Glass than chronicling the love between a mother and her son? Twenty-three-year-old director Aneesh Chaganty embarks on a long journey from California all the way to a small village in India, where his mother resides. He goes on essentially every single type of transportation imaginable, interacting with the locals, eating delicious-looking food, carrying around what seems to be a precious envelope.

    You may be able to guess what's inside, but check out the short video for yourself!

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    How many times have you thought: "I'll just plop the kid down on the couch, let him watch TV, and I'll finally have a moment to breathe"? It's easy, after all. They're entertained and you get to enjoy some peaceful moments. Sorry, Mom, but you might have to find a new way to get some me time.

    Even though we're constantly surrounded by TVs, computers, the Internet, video games, and our phones and tablets, their negative effects far outweigh the good.

    From developmental delays to health and mental illnesses, too much time spent in front of screens has been found to cause lifelong harm to children. Especially when they consume far more than the recommended two hours daily.

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    Poor microwave oven. It gets no respect! The stove and the oven get all the credit for doing the real cooking, while this unsung appliance is used mostly just to reheat. But if you sneak into your kitchen late at night, and you're very quiet, you may hear your microwave muttering to itself, "I coulda been a contender!" Turns out you can do so much more with that appliance than nuke your leftovers and frozen entrees. In fact, we found 13 recipes you can make in your microwave -- you'll be surprised at how much you can do with it.

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    Oh Williams-Sonoma catalog, I want to live in you. In Williams-Sonoma Land, perfect meals are created with artisan condiments and organic vegetables purchased from the farmer's market. Lobsters are plentiful. And the pastries, my God, the pastries. They look like the food of gods. Did I mention there is never a mess in sight, despite all this ambitious cooking? Nothing but gleaming, $400 pots and pans, everywhere. Let's go visit, shall we?

    Tell us, has your culinary life ever achieved such splendor?


    Image via Williams-Sonoma

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    Here’s a new gadget that’s supposed to improve our parenting, but just reeks of creepiness. It’s called Mother (see? It’s creepy already!), and you can program it to monitor almost anything and everything in your house, and send the data to your smartphone.

    The funny-looking pod comes with several “Motion Cookies” that can be attached to everything from the front door to a toothbrush. They detect movement, temperature, and patterns, and then the system analyzes the results and sends them to you.

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    So Google Glass has turned out to be quite controversial, hasn’t it? Who’d have thunk that the ultimate geek accessory could lead to so many supposed criminal activities?

    Did you hear about the guy that got detained by the Department of Homeland Security last weekend for allegedly using Google Glass to record a movie? The man and his wife were watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, when a man with a badge ushered them outside.

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    Ever wish you had a magic wand that could tell how many calories are in your serving of lasagne, or what pesticides are still clinging to your apple? Well today is your lucky day, because that exists! The TellSpec scanner tells you what's in your food. Really. It's a little hand-held spectrometer that can "read" your food for things like chemicals, calories, and ingredients like gluten. And they're sure to be a hit at dinner parties and neighborhood barbecues.

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    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the burgThe games were all running, both Angry and Bird.The Instagram shots are all shared and directed,And NORAD reported "SANTA DETECTED."

    The children were reading iBooks on their 'Pads.There was Reddit and Houzz for their Moms and their Dads.Notifications sprung to their screens in a flashTelling them Paypal had just eaten their cash.

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    If you have a hard-core gadget geek in your life -- then you know all too well just how tough it can be to find good gifts for him at Christmas. (Or birthdays or any other occasion for that matter.)

    Not only are tech-savvy dudes hard to impress -- they also typically already have every gadget under the sun, so it's difficult to find new and exciting stuff.

    But you're in luck this year -- because I asked the biggest gadget geek EVER (my husband) what would be on his wish list this year as far as cool electronics go.

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    The following is from our sponsor, SavingStar.

    Still have a few gifts to buy? No worries -- our suggestions will make your job easier. We’ve got delightfully unique stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

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