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    I've been writing online for a long time, and I thought I'd address a few questions I've had over the years about how the sausage gets made. Excuse me if this is a little insidery, but I wanted to talk a little about how and why we're now inundated with "You Won't Believe How This Smiling Baby Will Change Your Life!" and "35 Funniest Sidewalk Signs of All Time" posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    There are a few types of web content, the most prevalent of them being "online journalism." I wrote a book about it, and it's what I've been doing for most of my professional career. And I'm part of the problem. Let me explain.

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    Tech updates are all the rage right now, so it's no surprise that some of the hottest new toys on display at the 2014 Toy Fair feature smartphone and tablet capabilities. So instead of grumbling that technology has destroyed playtime, or that kid-friendly gadgets are harmful, let's embrace the new developments that will make everyone's lives so much easier.

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    Sometimes I have no idea how I’d manage without the proverbial “electronic babysitters” known as the TV, the iPhone, the computer, and the tablet. Actually I don’t have a tablet, but I do have a 4-year-old iTouch and that’s basically the same, right?

    Anyway, there are times when I just need to keep the kids out of my hair. As a single mom, I don’t have anyone to hand them off to for a few minutes of “sanity time” at the end of the day. When they’re with me, it’s just them and me, and if I need to get something done, it’s so easy to sit them down and tell them they can watch a show if they agree on it.

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    If you have a hard-core gadget geek in your life -- then you know all too well just how tough it can be to find good gifts for him at Christmas. (Or birthdays or any other occasion for that matter.)

    Not only are tech-savvy dudes hard to impress -- they also typically already have every gadget under the sun, so it's difficult to find new and exciting stuff.

    But you're in luck this year -- because I asked the biggest gadget geek EVER (my husband) what would be on his wish list this year as far as cool electronics go.

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    The countdown to Christmas is almost over and it's time to start thinking in earnest where to click to pick up something nice for your nerdy S.O., friend, or family member. I've chosen five items of particular interest to Geek Dad himself (hint hint, Geek Mom) that should be amazing to find under the tree.

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    This might be the coolest, or creepiest, thing you'll see all day! Take a look at Morgan Freeman pictured here. You'd immediately think it's just a photograph, right? Nope! It's actually a super realistic rendition of him ... finger-painted on an iPad.

    That's right, Kyle Lambert, an "iPad artist," produced a video of how he painstakingly finger-painted this image of the famous actor on his iPad. Of course, everyone agrees that the only thing missing from this video is Freeman's iconic voice narrating it. But come on, this artistic and technological feat is still simply incredible.

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    Parents and teachers can tell you that the best way to get an important message across to a child isn't to preach until you are blue in the face. Show, don't tell is a powerful tool and works wonders. One fifth-grade teacher proved this by stepping away from textbooks and instead using herself as a guinea pig to demonstrate to her students just how dangerous it can be to post a photo of yourself online. 

    And the results of her campaign were both extraordinary and even a little frightening: within 24 hours her photo was "liked" by almost 7,000 people on Facebook and shared more than 400 times. And then it made its way onto Reddit. And that's when things started to get really interesting. 

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, OraTV.

    Well, it’s that time of year again. Who are we kidding? It’s been that time of year ever since Halloween wrapped up. Happens every year -- some of us just wanna unwind from the hassles of trick-or-treating, but instead we’re subjected to the two-month-long holiday that is Christmas and all the headaches that go along with it.

    Our apologies to those who enjoy the same 12 Christmas songs getting piped into every store EVERYWHERE. And don’t get us wrong -- the week leading up to Christmas is awesome. It’s the time we pull down the blinders and let ourselves enjoy the halls being all decked out in boughs of holly or whatever.  

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    A young woman tweeted, "2 Drunk 2 Care" just hours before allegedly crashing her car into another in Florida and killing the two passengers inside because she was going the wrong way on the Sawgrass Expressway. Kayla Mendoza is 20 -- so we can't quite blame her recklessness on her youth anymore. But to peruse her Twitter account -- she changed her name slightly so that it reads "Kaila," goes by the moniker "pothead princess," and can be reached "@highimkaila" -- is to get a disturbing glimpse into the drug and alcohol obsession of a girl who, judging by just her posts on one social media site, seems to be screaming for help.

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    I have this Facebook "friend." We'll call her Anne. Anne is a stylish, beautiful adult woman who commutes by train each day to work. Lately, it seems, every one of her days is plagued by the offensive odors and appearances of others. She simply can't handle it when a woman wears clogs, and she seems ready to call the police the second a poor, hungry soul so much as takes out an unwrapped sandwich on the train. 

    How do I know all this? Because she doesn't just rant about it on her Facebook page -- she also provides photographic proof. In other words, she'll snap your photo if she doesn't like you and splash it all over her page for the world to see and mock. It may be legal to do this, but that doesn't keep it from being a totally tacky thing to do. 

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