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    There's no doubt that kids are growing up in a very different technological world than we did back in the day. For example, not a single parent today was ever handed an iPhone to keep them entertained while Mom or Dad went about their business in peace. But many parents today don't think twice about it. At least until our kids do something with our phones to mess with us -- intentionally or unintentionally.

    For example, world heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez tweeted a picture of Barbie wallpaper over the weekend, which doesn’t exactly sound like something a guy at the top of the MMA world would do. Until you read his next tweet, which explains that his 4-year-old daughter had "hacked" his phone.

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    D'oh! A mom and her boyfriend have suddenly found themselves in hot water after her 2-year-old called 911 a whopping 15 times from their cellphones last month.

    Believe it or not, the two of them are being charged with obstructing governmental administration -- even though they insist they did their very best to make sure the little girl didn't get a hold of their phones again.

    And for whatever reason, I guess 911 must be stuck in her head or something since those are the numbers she keeps choosing to hit when indulging in a little tech time.

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    We all know how dangerous texting and driving is. Yet just like drunk driving, idiots will keep on doing it! That's why this video should be mandatory viewing in every high school classroom in the nation. When you're all caught up in "hey u whut u up to" "where u" "drivin", you probably have absolute no idea what you look like -- literally what you look like driving. And how utterly, crazily, devastatingly dangerous it can be. Watch this video if you don't believe it.

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    How’s that Polar Vortex treating you? Are you frozen solid yet? How many layers of clothing are you wearing? Did you give up altogether and wear ski clothes to the office? Is blood still circulating in your fingertips, or have they become useless on touchscreens?

    It might not matter if your fingers are too cold to work your smartphone anyway, since apparently they hate the cold as much as us humans. Just like us, iPhones in freezing temps are drained of their energy much more quickly than when at comfortable temps, and if it gets too cold, they just shut down completely.

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    There have definitely been some odd beauty trends over the years. One of the worst is "thinspiration" -- the cult of thinness, wherein young women starve themselves so they can get things like protruding collarbones, concave stomachs, thigh gaps, and the latest thintacular body attribute: Bikini bridges.

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    Want an example of the power of a simple text? Recently in New Jersey, a student sent a message to a parent that reportedly suggested someone was bringing a gun to school. Understandably, that mom was so alarmed that she contacted the police, who then put three local high schools on lockdown for three hours. Just one problem: it was a complete miscommunication caused by the kid's autocorrect function.

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    The other day, I was sitting in my kitchen, staring at my iPhone, willing it to disappear. I mean, I love the thing -- it allows me to keep in touch with friends; email on the go; take 742 photos of my daughter every day -- but I also kind of hate it. Because a lot of the time, it keeps me out of the moment.

    Shortly after I realized that, no matter how many times I've read The Secret, the willing would not make my phone vanish into thin air, I got to thinking about what most people think about when they're pondering life's heavier fare: Celebs. I wondered how many celebs, if any, don't have cellphones.

    Here are 5 celebrities without cellphones.

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    Flip phone users of the world, unite! How many of you are out there? Nine? Ten people reading this? Well, count me in as a usually ashamed proud old school phone user who refuses to update to a smartphone. Ah, but today I've never felt better about my decision to live like it's 1997. It turns out my chances of being robbed are close to nil -- thanks to my crappy phone. A 25-year-old man was walking with a friend through Central Park in New York City when an armed robber threatened to kill him if he didn't turn over his possessions. When the man produced a flip phone, the mugger basically rolled his eyes, threw the phone back at the man in a huff, and stormed off. 

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    Woman Walking & Facebooking Falls Off Pier

    posted by Michele Zipp December 18, 2013 at 1:10 PM in Technology
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    Many of us are guilty of burying our faces in our phones to stay clued in to what's happening on our social networks. I've done it. But never when going for a long walk on a short pier. I mean ... come on. There are just some times that being entranced with Facebook or Instagram or Twitter has to stop for your own safety. Times like walking through a shooting range. Or while you are doing some extreme ice rock climbing. Even jaywalking when you don't have the cross signal. And texting while walking through the mall near a fountain. Add to that of course going for a walk on a pier.

    One 20-something-year-old woman was in Australia on vacation from Taiwan, and instead of taking in the beauty of the historic St. Kilda pier (pictured), she was walking and checking her Facebook and fell into the water. You might want to laugh, but she nearly drowned.

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    Ever want to say something to that annoying person who is loudly and incessantly talking on their cell phone in public? Yea, me too. They don't care where they are or who is around. Nevermind the fact that we don't want to hear about their latest catfight, annoying mother-in-law, deadbeat brother, or jackass boss. If it annoys you, too bad, they just keep on chatting. Now, there is a way to get back at all those selfish, cell phone users. It's called "Cell Phone Crashing." Take a look at this ingenious way of teaching them a lesson they won't forget.

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