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    I've spent many of my kids' growing-up years working online, with the last few positively engrossed in social media, even more than the typical parent.

    And while I've posted a few potentially mortifying photos of my children in the past, for the most part, I'm extremely careful about what pictures of my kids I put online -- whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another site.

    If only other parents would do the same. Here's why it bothers me so much.

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    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the burgThe games were all running, both Angry and Bird.The Instagram shots are all shared and directed,And NORAD reported "SANTA DETECTED."

    The children were reading iBooks on their 'Pads.There was Reddit and Houzz for their Moms and their Dads.Notifications sprung to their screens in a flashTelling them Paypal had just eaten their cash.

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    As the proud owner of a house full of toys and electronics, I know a thing or two about how to keep the cruft to a minimum and the cool stuff in top shape. Here are a few tips before you finish your holiday shopping.

    1. Do a quick web search before you buy. It's probably obvious, but visit Amazon before you pick something up in the store -- not for the price but for the reviews. Take the toilet/iPad stand above, for example. I can imagine a number of confused aunts and uncles delivering these to our domiciles thinking that they're a good idea. In fact, they're the worst toy of the year and if you read the Amazon reviews you'd discover why.

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    Criminals these days just can't seem to get enough of themselves. Instead of stealing, looting, or doing whatever else it is they do and then just trying to get away with their actions -- you know, behavior you'd expect from your typical criminal -- they are finding it difficult to peel themselves away from all forms of social media. And nothing could make police any happier, I'm guessing. 

    Take Dupree Johnson, for example. The 19-year-old Florida teen already had a pretty lengthy rap sheet that included grand theft, burglary, and felony possession of a firearm. Perhaps he could have built a strong enough defense to get away with his crimes -- who knows? And we'll never know. Because the publicity hound dug his own grave and did the world a favor by posting photos on his Instagram that showed him holding guns and items he allegedly stole. 

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    The Scary Truth About Oversharing Online

    posted by Jenny Erikson November 21, 2013 at 12:49 PM in Technology
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    Prankster comedian Jack Vale is at it again -- pulling pranks and freaking people out. It’s always entertaining when you’re on the other side of the camera, right?

    This time he’s teaching a valuable lesson about how to use social media to become psychic. Or at least he’s making a good point about being careful regarding what you choose to post onto social media sites.

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    I have this Facebook "friend." We'll call her Anne. Anne is a stylish, beautiful adult woman who commutes by train each day to work. Lately, it seems, every one of her days is plagued by the offensive odors and appearances of others. She simply can't handle it when a woman wears clogs, and she seems ready to call the police the second a poor, hungry soul so much as takes out an unwrapped sandwich on the train. 

    How do I know all this? Because she doesn't just rant about it on her Facebook page -- she also provides photographic proof. In other words, she'll snap your photo if she doesn't like you and splash it all over her page for the world to see and mock. It may be legal to do this, but that doesn't keep it from being a totally tacky thing to do. 

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    Caitlin Seida had every right to post a photo of herself on Facebook dressed in a Lara Croft costume and looking pretty damn fierce. Unfortunately, Caitlin learned the hard way that a terribly mean website, whose only purpose on Earth is to critique and make fun of the appearances of others, also had every right to snatch her photo from the site and plaster it onto theirs. It rapidly amassed some of the meanest comments she had ever read about herself.

    Caitlin says most of the anonymous remarks were posted by other women, something that didn't shock her in the least, and ranged from the stupid and silly "Fridge Raider" to the unbelievably hurtful suggestion that she kill herself and "spare everyone's eyes." 

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    The world is your oyster when you're young, not so much in love, pissed off, and when you just happen to be a blogger who can shame the pants off the one who scorned you. A 26-year-old woman did exactly that on her blog, Little Black Blog. A man she calls "Rando," whom she dated twice, foolishly decided to call it quits via a text message. Quin Woodward Pu says she was "stunned into paralysis" after receiving the text and even had to leave her opera rehearsals early because she was "agitated" by the young man's horrible etiquette. 

    So she did something that is within the power of every young woman with a social media platform these days and set out to make this man's life a living hell. Vive L'Amour!

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    When 18-year-old Jackie Rosas of California saw something disturbing on a blog she follows regularly, she didn't just feel worried for a minute, then click over to a new site. Rosas took action, and that helped save the life of a teenager she'd never even met.

    It's a pretty amazing story. Rosas was able to help authorities track down the identity of the 16-year-old girl who made a suicidal threat on her Tumblr blog, even though they only knew her first name. 

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    Making the rounds on Facebook today is a totally asinine article from the Wall Street Journal, called 'The Mommy Business Trip.'

    In it, writer Katherine Rosman manages to reduce popular women's blogging, lifestyle and crafting conferences to a way for stay-at-home moms to party without their husbands or kids-- and by "party," I mean, sleep late, dance, tweet, and most importantly, raid the minibar.

    In case you're having trouble visualizing such debauchery, the WSJ helpfully provided a graphic, with drawings of these so-called moms, all of whom appear to be visiting our planet from the year 1983.

    The online version also includes a video interview with Rosman, who can barely conceal her eyerolls as she describes some of the most popular conferences, including Mom 2.0, which is taking place next week (and where our own Tracy Odell is speaking).

    Predictably, bloggers are going public with their fury. See what they have to say after the jump.

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