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    Traditionally, baby showers are events where the mom-to-be kicks back, while a friend or family members take charge and throw the party in her honor. Still, though, expecting someone to send out the invitations, plan the food and activities, and open their home to a bunch of your friends is a LOT to ask. This may explain why a growing number of pregnant women are mulling over whether it's fine to throw their own baby shower ... but also fearful that it'll look trés gauche to their guests.

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    You're nearing the end of your pregnancy and that little baby girl will be here sooner than you know, so it's finally time to celebrate the upcoming arrival with family and friends. And even though the baby shower is celebrating mom and her soon-to-be daughter, let all your guests know just how much they mean to you by treating them with these DIY baby shower favors tailor-made to welcome a baby girl to the world.

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    Okay, we've got Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's official baby registryConfirmed. (The weird one that circulated last week was a hoax.) OMG. You won't believe what's on this thing.

    Sure, there are the usual suspects -- car seat, stroller, pack-n-play -- but there are some, shall we say, unusual choices as well. Items you may get a convenient store craving for late at night, not things you'd think about when you're pointing the baby registry gun. Here's a list of the 6 wackiest things on 'Baby Dilly's registry.

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    When it comes time to celebrate a family's new addition, baby showers are all about the mom-to-be and her plus one. But it's always a nice tradition to treat your guests with a sweet party favor as they leave the festivities. Something as little as a sweet treat or a photo will leave them with great memories of the celebration and your soon-to-be addition.

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    Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard spent their weekend registering for baby items for their first child. (Maybe you've heard that they're, just now, three months along?) They even managed to coin a new nickname for Jill's baby bump while they were checking out strollers, car seats, and bibs: 'Baby Dilly'!

    "Having fun creating our baby registry!" dad-to-be Dillard, 25, wrote on Instagram. "Looking forward to 'Baby Dilly's' arrival in just 6 months!"

    So, what's on the list? Some of the items may surprise you!

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    My sister, who happens to be my best friend, was the first person to find out I was pregnant -- after my husband, of course! She is an interior designer so we immediately started talking about what was most important -- the baby’s nursery. At the time, my husband and I were renting a one-bedroom apartment, but I was sure that in the course of nine months, we’d be living in the lap of luxury, and my baby would have her own room, if not her own wing in our new house.

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    Did you hear about this baby shower note that's gone viral? Apparently an expecting mom sent her friend a rude but rhyming note after she failed to show up for her shower, or even send a gift. You have to hear it to believe it -- and maybe then you still won't believe it, because it's so outrageously impertinent it has to be a hoax, right? Or ... maybe it's the real deal.

    At any rate, Bridezillas aren't the only ones to turn a party into a nightmare. Introducing the Baby Showerzilla -- the woman who terrorizes her baby shower guests with her outrageous demands and behavior. Here's some of the worst real-life examples women have ever seen.

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    I held out as long as I could, but this week I had to do it. I had to buy what I dread spending money on -- awful, terrible maternity clothing.

    This is my second pregnancy. In my experience, morning sickness fades after the 12th week and, though annoying and painful, at the very least, the Breast Gods have the decency to give you nice boobs to compensate for the constant tenderness you experience above the waist. But there are few good things to be said about maternity clothing.

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    Kate Middleton's due date has come and gone, and still, nothing. The Duchess of Cambridge was, on paper at least, supposed to give birth to the royal bundle on July 13, but now here we are two days later, still waiting with bated breath. Where is this baby?! We're dying -- no, dying -- to know the sex, find out the name, and of course, we can't wait to see the gorgeous little doll! It has to be any day now. Right?

    Since we're probably going to have to wait at least another day or so before Kate goes into labor, here's a little something to tide us all over and quell some of our royal baby fever pangs: A handy-dandy list of a few things Kate has reportedly purchased (or been gifted) for baby so far.

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    Alec Baldwin's very pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas, was spotted at a baby shower this weekend. But it wasn't for her! Thomas hosted a baby shower for military moms-to-be with Operation Shower and Birdies for the Brave. Forty women whose spouses are deployed members of the U.S. Navy, Navy Submarine School, and Connecticut Army National Guard were treated to the event sponsored by Extra. And it was all just a way to say "thank you."

    Hilaria said she was thrilled to host the event. “Preparing for a baby is incredibly exciting, but can also be very expensive. I’m so proud to be able to support and spend time with these military moms-to-be while providing them with the necessities for welcoming their new bundles of joy into the world.” And those expecting moms sure got some swell swag.

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