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    Who's totally stoked about Apple's iPhone 6? Man, I don't know about you but I broke ALL the speed limits rushing home from school dropoff this morning so I could tune into the live broadcast of Apple's event. As a mom, there is absolutely nothing I need more than a brand new smartphone.

    I have to say, my expectations were pretty high for this announcement, but Apple exceeded my wildest dreams. I mean, for one thing, I can buy a phone with the word "plus" in it now. The iPhone 6 Plus. Doesn't it sound like something that will completely change your life? It's like: it's a phone … PLUS a bunch of other shit. Can I just empty my bank account in Apple's direction? Because I am ready to BUY RIGHT NOW.

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    The worst thing happened to me today, you guys. My iPhone froze. It was the black screen of death, and it wasn't coming back. No silver apple, no rainbow wheel of purgatory ... just deathy blackness.

    It was a rough day until I made my way to the genius bar this afternoon to get it diagnosed and fixed. You know when you realize how much you use your cellphone? When it stops working, that's when.

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    If you've been watching the news lately, you'll have heard rumors of the the fabled Apple iWatch. It can do it all! It has a curved screen! It can sense your blood pressure! It's powered by the sun! It will make phone calls! It will change your life!

    What is the Apple iWatch and why should you care about products like it? Well, wearables like the iWatch are pretty amazing. They can already sense your heartbeat, your blood oxygen level, and your temperature. They can tell you how you're sleeping and where you've been. They can gauge how fast you're running and how great you are at weightlifting.

    But what does it mean when we hear that Apple is trying to break into the wearables market? And what do we really know about the iWatch?

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    Have you ever handed your iPhone to your kid to occupy them for a bit while you got some work done, did the dishes, or hid in the bathroom with a chocolate bar and a gossip magazine? And then been horrified that your little munchkin somehow got into the app store and charged an arm and a leg that you were then responsible for?

    You may be off the hook. Apple has agreed to pay back $32.5 million in unauthorized purchases to the app store. You know, like the ones made to “Dragon Story” and “Tiny Zoo Friends.”

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    How’s that Polar Vortex treating you? Are you frozen solid yet? How many layers of clothing are you wearing? Did you give up altogether and wear ski clothes to the office? Is blood still circulating in your fingertips, or have they become useless on touchscreens?

    It might not matter if your fingers are too cold to work your smartphone anyway, since apparently they hate the cold as much as us humans. Just like us, iPhones in freezing temps are drained of their energy much more quickly than when at comfortable temps, and if it gets too cold, they just shut down completely.

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    Flip phone users of the world, unite! How many of you are out there? Nine? Ten people reading this? Well, count me in as a usually ashamed proud old school phone user who refuses to update to a smartphone. Ah, but today I've never felt better about my decision to live like it's 1997. It turns out my chances of being robbed are close to nil -- thanks to my crappy phone. A 25-year-old man was walking with a friend through Central Park in New York City when an armed robber threatened to kill him if he didn't turn over his possessions. When the man produced a flip phone, the mugger basically rolled his eyes, threw the phone back at the man in a huff, and stormed off. 

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    As the proud owner of a house full of toys and electronics, I know a thing or two about how to keep the cruft to a minimum and the cool stuff in top shape. Here are a few tips before you finish your holiday shopping.

    1. Do a quick web search before you buy. It's probably obvious, but visit Amazon before you pick something up in the store -- not for the price but for the reviews. Take the toilet/iPad stand above, for example. I can imagine a number of confused aunts and uncles delivering these to our domiciles thinking that they're a good idea. In fact, they're the worst toy of the year and if you read the Amazon reviews you'd discover why.

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    This might be the coolest, or creepiest, thing you'll see all day! Take a look at Morgan Freeman pictured here. You'd immediately think it's just a photograph, right? Nope! It's actually a super realistic rendition of him ... finger-painted on an iPad.

    That's right, Kyle Lambert, an "iPad artist," produced a video of how he painstakingly finger-painted this image of the famous actor on his iPad. Of course, everyone agrees that the only thing missing from this video is Freeman's iconic voice narrating it. But come on, this artistic and technological feat is still simply incredible.

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    Our tablets go with us everywhere, so we should take their cases into serious fashion consideration. The best tablet cases provide just as much style as they do protection for your most cherished gadget. Plus, switching it up with bright and colorful cases, like this hot pink tablet envelope (Marc Jacobs, $88), can make your tablet feel like new time and time again. Match your iPad case to your purse or even your outfit — we totally get it!

    Over at The Prowl, we searched high and low for glam cases that may steal the show from your sleek and shiny iPad. Check out this preview of our favorite chic iPad cases, and then head over to The Prowl to see the rest!

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    I have this Facebook "friend." We'll call her Anne. Anne is a stylish, beautiful adult woman who commutes by train each day to work. Lately, it seems, every one of her days is plagued by the offensive odors and appearances of others. She simply can't handle it when a woman wears clogs, and she seems ready to call the police the second a poor, hungry soul so much as takes out an unwrapped sandwich on the train. 

    How do I know all this? Because she doesn't just rant about it on her Facebook page -- she also provides photographic proof. In other words, she'll snap your photo if she doesn't like you and splash it all over her page for the world to see and mock. It may be legal to do this, but that doesn't keep it from being a totally tacky thing to do. 

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