New Bedroom Selfies Trend Take Oversharing to a Disturbing New Low

#AfterSex SelfieLadies and gentlemen, we have officially crossed the line in the "what constitutes oversharing in the social media world" debate. Have you heard about the latest trend taking Instagram by storm? The #AfterSex selfie.

As if the selfie culture weren't pervasive enough, now we're getting inundated with pictures of couples in post-coital bliss, and just to make sure that we're aware of what activity the naked people in bed were just engaged in, they're tagged with #AfterSex.


I just can't. The words. I'm supposed to put words on paper the computer screen here, and I have none. After. Sex. Selfies. I give up, Internet.

Just -- why? Are we really so insecure that we need everyone to know that we do indeed have enough game to get someone to sleep with us? You know what I'm OK with? I'm OK with the general public (which includes my dad, by the way) not knowing when the last time I had sex was. I'm pretty sure you're OK not knowing about my sex life too.

Dr. Chris Chesher, a digital culture guru who teaches at the University of Sydney, believes that selfies are a way to exert control over your image. He said, "It’s about having complete control over the production of your own image, as opposed to someone taking photo of you and having control over it, or asking someone to take a photo and then asking them to delete it."

OK, fine. Take control of your image. But maybe a general rule for selfies should be -- if you wouldn't ask someone else to take the picture for you, then don't post it on the Internet.

Are you disturbed by after-sex selfies, or are they perfectly normal?
Image via asking_ariela/Instagram
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