Twitter Miracle Reunites Woman With 'Soulmate' Whose Name She Didn't Know

It's a tale as old as time ... girl meets boy, girl falls in love at first sight, girl forgets to get his contact info or even his last name, girl uses Twitter to track down her "future husband." Wait, what? OK, maybe love stories have been around for as long as humans have existed, but this whole technological side to romance is pretty new.

Emily Domesek was on a flight from Dallas to Calgary when she met Clauco, a dashing stranger in a blue sweater who was "born in Torino & lives in soho." The DIY lifestyle guru (she runs the site P.S. - I Made This) couldn't stop thinking about Clauco after the flight, but had no way to contact him. So she tweeted to American Airlines (and her nearly 55,000 followers) with the hope that they could help track him down.


Whoever runs the Twitter account over at American Air tweeted back a nonchalant, "We hope your paths cross again," but Domesek was not deterred! This girl definitely believes in romance in the digital age.

She had the flight number and his seat number, but American wouldn't give her his details. Something about confidentiality, I'm sure. Pfffftt, this is love! Anyway. They did give her an opportunity to reach 780,000 followers in her reconnection attempt.

Thanks to modern technology and mutual friends, she eventually tracked down the mysterious Clauco.

Domesek later tweeted, "To close the book on this story. The universe brought us together & he's amazing. FULL STOP." American Air has asked to be invited to the virtual wedding.

This is definitely the upside to virtual stalking! People are so connected to each other now that with a few details, a lovestruck woman was able to track down her dream boat. And if he wasn't interested in her? Well, that's what the block button is for.

Have you ever asked your Twitter followers for help with something?


Image via psimadethis/Twitter

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