Drivers Who Text Will Now Be Publicly Shamed on Billboards

Texting While DrivingBrian Singer is on a mission to make our roads safer. The San Francisco graphic designer who started the website TWIT Spotting (Texting While in Traffic) to post pictures of people texting while driving has taken it to the next level.

Singer has purchased 11 billboards around the City by the Bay that are just blown up images of the photos he's posted to his site. So you might want to put those cellphones down if you're driving in the San Francisco area, lest you become the subject of public ridicule by having your bad texting behavior documented on a giant billboard for all to see.

Singer, who insists that he only takes the pictures when he's a passenger, hopes that his campaign will get people to finally knock it off with the TWIT'ing. Texting while driving in California has been illegal for years, but that doesn't seem to be stopping people from doing it. He said:

My hope is that it will freak some people out and make them think twice before picking up the phone while driving. My greater hope is that it inspires others to start taking photos, too. If enough people started doing this, it could have a dramatic effect on people’s behavior.

This is kind of a genius idea, as much as I would hate to be one of the ones captured on camera. It's one thing to get caught by a cop and issued a $160 ticket. That might hurt your wallet a little bit, but there's nothing like the sting of public shame to bring out people's best behavior.

Do you think this will get people to think twice about texting while driving?


Image via Jason Weaver/Flickr



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nonmember avatar obsessive

This guy seems like a real self-righteous jerk. He doesn't even drive to work, he clearly states on his website that he is a passenger when commuting. Talk to me about texting at stoplights and in traffic when you actually drive yourself. Sometimes real people with real responsibilities have to communicate with rest of the world. People get fired for not informing their place of employment that they are going to be late.

Oh and for your snarky comment about women doing makeup at stoplights, you try being a woman for one day and see how you like it. We aren't wash and go like guys are. Women are not expected to be so much more than men are and are held to higher standard s as well. Unfortunately, we're still paid less and sexually hasassed more than anyone will admit to.

cmjaz cmjaz

Let me tell u a little story. Yesterday morning during rush hour, some stupid bitch was on her c3ll texting. She swerved into traffic and then blew by a school bus with its stop sign out. She didn't even notice that cars were sztopped all around her. I sorry a cop wasn't around. She was absolutely a danger to everyone. My keyboard is jammed. Sorry for the misspellings

Michele Hall

I can't stand people who text and drive at the same time but I have to wonder a bit if any of these people are looking at directions on their phone (clearly they are not all doing this)? I set my map prior to leaving for my destination and have been knowen to pick up my phone to glance at the directions for the next exit/turn I have to make, the map program puts it in pretty huge highlighted text. It's not all that far off from looking at a paper map or a thomas guide while in the car is it? If I have to look at more than one step, I will pull over or find an excuse to grab a cup of coffee. Remember back in the nineties when people would be holding a friggin novel while driving down the road? Distacted drivers have always been around part of the problem is societies expectation of response time and accesability. 

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