8 Selfies That Shouldn't Be Taken, Let Alone Posted

Instagram is by far my favorite picture-sharing social media site. The filters make your pics look awesome, it’s easy to scroll through, and you can upload to both Twitter and Facebook at once if you so choose to.

It’s also sort of become selfie-centric in a lot of ways, since the best way to prove you were somewhere exciting, or did something important, or even just put makeup on is to document it. But there are some selfies that just don’t belong on Instagram. In fact, you shouldn’t even take them, let alone post them.


Here are eight selfies that don’t belong on Instagram.

In the shower: Congratulations! You got clean today. You got nekkid and wet in the shower, and it was all steamy, and there’s just way too much innuendo there. Just don’t.

While driving: Put the cell phone down while you’re driving, you reckless person. Yes, we get that you’re stuck in stop-and-go traffic; we don’t need you to be the cause of another accident that makes it worse.

The lingerie tease: Even if you don’t post a full-on photo of you in your new lace teddy you plan to surprise your man with later on, this just screams “look at me I need attention!”

Post workout: Either you look hideous after a workout or you didn’t work out hard enough. Try again until you’re so sweaty and ugly that you wouldn’t be caught dead posting a photo of yourself on the Internet.

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Doing anything illegal: If you’re under 21, don’t post a picture of your beer. If you don’t live in Colorado, don’t document your doobie.

The infamous funeral selfie: Don’t follow in the President’s footsteps, mmmkay?

Anything involving bodily fluids: No one wants to see you peeing, oozing, bleeding, drooling, or whatever else. It’s just gross.

When you should be reverent: A couple of years ago I was at the U.S.S. Arizona in Pearl Harbor. There were people taking selfies in front of the wall that listed the names of everyone that died in the attack that launched us into WWII. It just seemed wrong.

Are you guilty of of any of these selfie sins?


Image via Tim Ellis/Flickr

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