Man Tricks Cops With iPhone Cookies But the Joke's on Him

Cell phone laws on the road are annoying as all get out (it’s already illegal to be a bad driver, people), so when I heard that a comedian in Los Angeles tried to pull a fast one on the cops by baking iPhone cookies, I laughed.

Randy Liedtke baked some pretty realistic-looking iPhone cookies, and then trolled the streets for cops while pretending to talk into one or texting on it. He live-tweeted it, which just goes to show how mutli-talented he is, being able to drive, fake text, and live tweet all at once.


First he baked the cookies. They're pretty awesome.

Then he went went looking for touble.

Whoops. Liedtke's last update on the whole escapade was one of remorse. I guess the moral of the story is -- if you're going to try to play a trick on the police, make sure you don't have any outstanding warrants.

That's one sad looking dude.

Do you love or hate cell phone driving laws? There doesn't seem to be anyone in the middle on this issue, but feel free to leave a comment and prove me wrong.

Image via randyliedtke/Instagram


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