5 Thanksgiving Planning Apps That Will Save Your Dinner

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thanksgiving turkeyHey, turkey! It's time to talk Thanksgiving apps. No, I don't mean appetizers -- I mean applications to help you plan and manage the chaos of Thanksgiving dinner. Some of us have the tendency to get in a little over our heads when it comes to this important meal. I refer to Thanksgiving as the Foodie High Holy Days -- plural, because the cele-cooking begins days in advance. The cooking is the fun part! By the time I finish all the cooking, I almost don't have enough energy left to actually eat dinner.

But not this time, baby. Because this is the year I get organized with the apps. Here are five Thanksgiving-related apps I'm downloading to help me cope. I mean, get the most out of this wonderful holiday.

Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach (iOS, free) Choose your recipes, build shopping lists, and create a game plan, with instructions and tasks to follow days in advance.

Thanksgiving List Planner (Android, $0.99; iOS, free) Create task and other planning lists from over 160 Thanksgiving items.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker (iOS, free) Create a customized menu from 75 classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Food52 Hotline (iOS, free) Got a burning cooking question? Ask away with this app and get answers from the Food52 community and from top food writers.

Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual (iOS, free) Just 101 recipes, how-tos, and videos from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen.

Thanksgiving Menu Generator. It's not an app, but I had to include this just for fun. If you're stumped coming up with a Thanksgiving menu, or you just love a good gamble, check out this online tool. Saveur magazine pulls recipes from its extensive and inestimable library of recipes to randomly select a menu for you, slot-machine style!

How do you usually plan Thanksgiving dinner?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I sit down with my cookbooks and several magazines, both current and past thanksgiving editions. Then I list everything that looks good from appetizers to desserts. After that I narrow it down to one thing from each category like sweet potato or green vegetable and two desserts. Then I type up all the recipes so I can print them and stick them on the fridge. I also type up my shopping list and my timeline starting two days in advance and calculated down to the minute on the day. All that gets printed and arranged on the fridge door. 


Yes, i am aware that I'm crazy when it comes to thanksgiving. 

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