5 Thanksgiving Planning Apps That Will Save Your Dinner

thanksgiving turkeyHey, turkey! It's time to talk Thanksgiving apps. No, I don't mean appetizers -- I mean applications to help you plan and manage the chaos of Thanksgiving dinner. Some of us have the tendency to get in a little over our heads when it comes to this important meal. I refer to Thanksgiving as the Foodie High Holy Days -- plural, because the cele-cooking begins days in advance. The cooking is the fun part! By the time I finish all the cooking, I almost don't have enough energy left to actually eat dinner.

But not this time, baby. Because this is the year I get organized with the apps. Here are five Thanksgiving-related apps I'm downloading to help me cope. I mean, get the most out of this wonderful holiday.


Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach (iOS, free) Choose your recipes, build shopping lists, and create a game plan, with instructions and tasks to follow days in advance.

Thanksgiving List Planner (Android, $0.99; iOS, free) Create task and other planning lists from over 160 Thanksgiving items.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker (iOS, free) Create a customized menu from 75 classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Food52 Hotline (iOS, free) Got a burning cooking question? Ask away with this app and get answers from the Food52 community and from top food writers.

Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual (iOS, free) Just 101 recipes, how-tos, and videos from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen.

Thanksgiving Menu Generator. It's not an app, but I had to include this just for fun. If you're stumped coming up with a Thanksgiving menu, or you just love a good gamble, check out this online tool. Saveur magazine pulls recipes from its extensive and inestimable library of recipes to randomly select a menu for you, slot-machine style!

How do you usually plan Thanksgiving dinner?


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