This Video Will Make You Ashamed to Whip Out Your Smartphone

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smartphoneWhat was life like before the smartphone? Hard to remember, right? Now, we can't make it through a meal or a walk from the front door to the garage without checking email or text messages. We are OBSESSED. Truly, deeply, undeniably obsessed. But for all that we believe we get from these miraculous little machines, we never think about all we miss because of them. This "I Forgot My Phone" video really drives that notion home.  If this doesn’t make you feel ashamed of your smartphone obsession, nothing will.

Just look at all the moments we are missing out on. It’s really horrible how we happily we let life pass us by. I'm certainly guilty of it as, is just about every other person I know (aside from my 83-year-old Granny who is still mystified by the workings of her VCR). These devices have so much control over our lives.

Think about the moment of panic that strikes when you think you've forgotten your phone at home. The first thought is, "How the hell will I get through the day without it?" But fact of the matter is, you can get through your life without a smartphone glued to your hand. The reason I know this is true? Not long ago we once did. They keeps us enjoing time with friends, experiencing the world, and literally smelling the roses.

Perhaps instead of playing Candy Crush on my way to work (yes, I do this while walking down the street), I will actually take in my surroundings. Sometimes it's smarter to just be.

Could you give up for smartphone? For how long?

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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

if i travel to our cabin in brevard nc,I don't use my smart phone, no cell service there as well as the mountains.  I love doing it and look forward to doing it soon.

Robin Hartman

So glad I don't have a smart phone. I think it's sad to spend your day looking down at a screen. I have a cheap, basic cell phone I take with me so I can be contacted while my kids are at school. Other than that I don't need or want one. I've never texted and I'm proud of it! :-)

Ashley Littlejohn

I'll be without a phone for the next 5/6 days. My only concern is that I have no land line and will be helpless in an emergency. Is it convienent for photos? Sure, but I have a camera. Does it work well for timing my 3 mile walks with my kids? Yeah, but I can dig out my stop watch. It's a really handy device, but I can get on in life just fine without it. Even if that means I have to write down or print out a recipe for a meal instead of have in at the swipe of a finger.

Christina Tilley Choate

I don't own a cell phone and I think it is so funny that when I tell someone like a DR. office or something the receptionist looks at me like What?!?!? I'm like I don't own a cell phone. Then there is this moment where they look at me like I'm either a nut or I'm homeless. I'm just a SAHM that has land line at home and doesn't need a cell. Why pay for a extra phone when I have one because I'm always home? So I totally feel like this video. Everyone is on their cells nonstop with games and texting and I'm like, "hey, I'm talking to you, care to look at me?"

Mary Stanley

i left my phone recently and if i went back to get it i probably wouldnt be here typing this . i got sick at school and i left my phone a block away and had to use the adminstarition  ladline to call an ambulance . i was okay without but still . i use my phone for safety reason, more importantly...


A-non... A-nony-mous

I'm sorry but anyone who has to be reminded not to look at their phone in the middle of a conversation with someone else right there or while they're cuddeling their significant other doesn't deserve to see everything going on in the world and is an idiot. It's not THAT difficult to put down your phone for an hour people. Ridiculous and laughable and I can only laugh at all these phone-obsessed idiots who need entire instructional / motivational videos telling them to look around every so often. 

TEIMS... TEIMSfamily

I don't own a smart phone. People at work are always walking up to me. "Hey I tagged you on facebook. What did you think?" I will find out when I get home and if I get on the internet tonight. If I feel I may need it I borrow my husbands. Like the time when we moved to a new city and I didn't know where my drs office was. 

Jessica Day

Did you watch this on your smartphone?! :) my husband and I have a pay as you go phone in the car for emergencies and that's it.

nonmember avatar james anderson

I have had a cell/smart phone for a number of years FOR WORK....... I can live without it forever .Last month i used 43 minutes and had 7 text messages . I am so glad I have that unlimited plan with all the use my phone gets LOL . I use my house phone even less most months .

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I'm so glad I don't have a smartphone. I have internet access at home, so I really don't need one.

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