New Flight Rule on Electronics Makes Me More Paranoid to Fly

inside airplaneOnce upon a time people were allowed to smoke on flights and many dressed up in fancy clothes because being up in the air was very chic. Now we just fear terrorism, get annoyed that we have to remove our shoes going through security, and we can't wait until those approved devices are allowed to be turned on so we can tune the world (and the person sitting next to us) out. And now the FAA is allowing me just that -- even more of that.

Approved electronic devices can be used through the whole entire flight. No more awkward talking with your neighbor. We now have the ability to watch our own movies and play video games on our very own devices from the minute we plop into our seat until it's time to de-plane. Yet this allowance just furthers the downward spiral of how we don't connect in person anymore. Not even when confined to flying tubes in the sky. Problematic!


I hate flying. Everything about it. Except getting to my final destination. But I don't like the use of the word "final." It's too final. I don't want my flight to be my final anything. So I want distractions. Lots of them to get me through those hours. Sure I want to be able to watch my own stuff on my own time, but I also want people to be alert and not buried in their phones. So distracted, but not too distracted. Who's paying attention to what's going on around us? We need more eyes, people! See something, say something, prevent something ... maybe?

Plus, as much as I hate to say it, sometimes I do like a little talky talky with the person next to me. Just a little, I said. It makes me rule out that the person next to me is going to take down the plane. I mentioned I hate flying, right? Well now you know my paranoia about flying, too. I saw the planes hit the twin towers with my own two eyes, so I have some issues.

We're still not allowed to chat on our cellphones, which, thank goodness for that; otherwise, the sound of everyone gabbing is worse than three poop diapers on a plane at the same time. Yes, it's worse. Okay, as bad. But our tablets, laptop computers, e-readers, and cellphones in airplane mode are all approved throughout the entire flight -- not just when the plane is above 10,000 feet. Apparently none of this causes interference with flying the plane as previously thought. (Lies.) Also, each airline is determining when this is allowed, and there may be some restrictions, so don't board a plane tomorrow and tell them I said it was okay. Though Delta and JetBlue are reportedly on board already.

The decline of civilization is happening, people. We disconnect with the world around us, with the people in closest proximity to us, to connect with a device. I not only fear flying, but too much modern technology.

What do you think of the FAA easing the restriction on devices? Good, bad, or does it make you paranoid, too?


Image via Andrew Feinberg/Flickr

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