Leaked Photos of New iPad 5 Show Tablet Even Slimmer Than iPad Mini

The new iPads and iPad Minis are expected to be announced at an Apple press event later this month, but you know how technology works. We all have to predict what the improvements will be, and invariably, photos will be leaked onto the Internet.

Known Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has a whole gallery of alleged photos of the new fifth-gen iPads, which supposedly will now come in space gray, which is apparently totally different than silver, people.


Anyway, the iPads are expected to be a bit slimmer than previous models -- even more so than the iPad Mini -- and likely will have a faster processor and more mega-pixeled camera. The biggest upgrade for the Mini might be a new high-resolution “retina” screen.

One thing’s for sure -- if you’re planning on buying a new iPad or iPad Mini, you might want to wait until after the October 22 announcement. Even if you don’t go for the newer model, at least the prices will drop for the others.

Would you upgrade your iPad?

Image via Eric Audras/Corbis

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