7 Best Twitter Reactions to Fox News' Brand New Crazy Giant Tablets (PHOTO)

Fox News host Shepard Smith was taking viewers on a tour of the brand new Fox News Deck, where employees appear to be working on ginormous iPads. That, or they’re tiny little workers. Hey, you never know -- Fox is an equal-opportunity employer, after all.

Anyway, business reporter Seth Fiegerman caught the screen shot and tweeted it with the caption: “Either Fox News just bought a bunch of gigantic iPads or they employ very, very tiny people.”


The tweet went viral and some of the responses were hilarious:

  1. “Now accepting applications from Hobbits” @Chris_Ciaccia
  2. “MaxiPads.” @alexhiniker
  3. “Speaker Boehner insisted they hire more Oompa-Loompa-Americans.” @kcm74
  4. “What is this? A studio for ants?” @TheRickWilson
  5. “They r trying to get Mike Teevee back 2 normal size. The oompa loompas will be along soon, to sing a toony toon TOON!” @Bob_Kobb
  6. “Star Trek, The Next TV Station” @li3n3
  7. “Shep Smith will now demonstrate the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station.” @mattduss

Seriously, what is up with the giant touchscreens? They look ridiculous, Fox News, and let’s face it -- you’re mocked enough as it is. You hardly need to bring it upon yourself.

Do you think the giant screens look ridiculous or cool?

Image via @sfiegerman/Twitter

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