Facebook Builds a Town for Its Employees -- Would YOU Want to Live With Your Coworkers?

Hey, when you leave work, don't you just want to ... go to work? No? You want to go home, right? Well, if you work at Facebook, home is about to be work, and work home, because the social network is reportedly building a small town for its employees. Yep, the Facebook town, which will be called Anton Menlo (relationship status: "It's Complicated"), will have 400 housing units, and everything from doggy day care to a yoga studio to a sports bar. And EVERYONE YOU WORK WITH.


The 10-acre town will be a short walk from Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California. It can fit about 10 percent of Facebook's employees.

There's something really appealing about the idea of waking up and walking to work, and ending your day and walking home. I used to be able to do this when I lived closer to my job, but no longer, and the hour-long commute can sometimes turn into two when the trains are spotty. Let's face it, commutes suck. There's even a study that says the longer your commute, the worse your marriage.

Facebook town will have lots of perks, including affordable housing for employees -- the tech boom is leaving many Facebook workers unable to afford a place near their offices, so this is a huge plus. And there will probably be lots of fun things like, oh, a free beer at the local tavern for every 20 "likes" you managed to get on a post that day, something like that. And, yeah, it would be nice to be able to have your morning meeting at the coffee shop or park rather than in the offices.

But when I leave work, I like to LEAVE. No offense to my coworkers, but I'm not so sure I want to see them at the dry cleaners, at the grocery store, and at the hair salon. Hey, if I get my eyebrows tinted that's MY business!

I don't need my coworkers knowing when I'm at the gyno, what I'm having for dinner that night, and whether or not I decided to splurge on a mani-pedi that day. I certainly do NOT need them seeing me in the local bar downing one too many because of a hard day -- the hard day THEY caused. (Haha. Kidding, my dearest coworkers!)

And what if you quit or get fired? Normally, you'd come home and figure out your next plan. In Facebook town, you'd have to come home and ... pack.

Would you live in a town built by your company?


Image via St Anton Partners/Facebook

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