6 Facebook Pics That Will Get You Fired From Your Job (PHOTOS)

costumeThere are Facebook photos you shouldn't post simply because they're a visual assault on people's newsfeeds, and then there are Facebook photos you shouldn't post because they'll get you fired. Or not hired. In people's zeal to be seen/heard/remembered on social media, they seem to forget that the people who write you a paycheck every week (or who could be writing you a paycheck) can easily see what you've been up to. And they may not like it.

Here are 6 Facebook photos that will surely get you fired.

Image via Jim Reynolds/Flickr

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there... theresaphilly

What looser will friend their boss on Facebook? My boss actually found me and sent me a friend request. I did not accept his request and made my page even more private.. Why would I friend someone I don't even know or care to know on a personal level?

Denise Yates

Funneling beer? Its called a beer bong.

Todd Vrancic

If my boss wants to friend me on fb, I would say no.  That said, I don't even like to have any of my photos on fb, no matter what I'm doing.  I like my privacy.

Jeff Liu

Facebook and NSA will alert your boss if you're deemed a "terrorist", whistleblower, or dangerous/rebellious in any way. And they'll spy regardless. Which is why you should never post anything you deem private unencrypted on someone else's server.

BGarcel BGarcel

Dont friend your boss or non-friendly coworkers. Just friend people you are actually friends with. And then set up groups to put your friends in so only the people you mean to show your beach pics will see them and not the people in your carpool.

3girl... 3girlskdpreno

I say it aint their business what I put on my FB or do in my free time! You boss cant fire you for something they saw on FB that has nuttin to do with how I act and preform my job! What I gotta walk around like I got no personality and a stick up my ass bc my boss is gunna see it screw that! they need to grow up move on and get over it!

Christen Aubuchon

I don't see how my facebook should be any concern of theirs, what I do on their company time does. What I do outside the work place does not. If a boss was to send a request I would deny that in a heart beat, the have no right to invade my personal life and then fire me for something that I do in my personal life, unless let's say I get arrested, then yes they can fire me.

Ninja... NinjaMomma09

I dont see how any of those other than the Drugs could or should get you fired.. haha Im friends with my manager ( i work in a grocery store and she was my friend before she became my manager) she does worse shit than i do 1/2 the time.. if she tried to fire me over a picture on facebook id seriously slap her! 
( im 28 she's 21)

i dont believe boss's have the right to use what you post on facebook as a means to fire you.. unless its bashing your work place, or giving out someone else's private info... or done on company time ( with proof)  

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