Out of Control Customer Service Call Has to Be Heard to Believe (LISTEN)

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phone callSo tell me, how do you feel about calling customer service? I don't know about you, but interactions with my Internet provider have caused me to froth at the mouth while my head turns inside-out. Know what I mean? That's why I love this recording of a man going Apocalypse Now! on a customer service line. His meltdown was so epic, someone claiming to be an employee of the unnamed security system company had to post it because "it belongs on the Internet." Indeed it does. Keep in mind, this customer had been kicked around on the support line for three hours. I guess it goes without saying, but fair warning: This recording is NSFW. Put on your headphones and turn the sound down, because you've got some high-decibel F-bombs coming your way.

One more warning! NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW.


I've never screamed this much over the phone. And I would never threaten to bring a machine gun and attack everyone at a call center! But I have found myself getting far ruder than I'd ever be with anyone face-to-face. I'm not proud to admit this. Of course, it's important to distinguish between customer service telling you something you don't want to hear (remind me to never, ever work in customer support) and just plain providing lousy customer service. Let's see what that would involve:

  • That annoying recording that goes "WE VALUE OUR CUSTOMER" or some such other blatant lie.
  • Hold music.
  • Putting you on hold for long periods of time.
  • Putting you on hold and then dropping your call.
  • Transferring you to people who end up transferring you to someone else until you get passed around like Aunt Eulalie's fruit cake.
  • Dropping you while transferring your call.
  • Asking you for the same information over and over again.
  • Any combination of the above.

You just feel so powerless! That's what this is all about. You need help. You're probably already frustrated by the time you pick up the phone. And then? You're lost in this hopeless Kafkaesque hall of mirrors phone hellscape, and your only chance for escape (hanging up) will result in never getting your issue resolved. What keeps us hanging on? That misguided belief that all that time we've invested in this farce of a customer call will eventually get us somewhere. And by the way, I don't blame the operators; I blame their managers or whoever is in charge of running the place.

I guess at this point in the post, we should ponder the question of whether or not this call is fake. I say it goes on wayyy too long to be fake. Also: I want it to be real because CUSTOMER SERVICE, ARGH!

What do you think is the most frustrating thing about customer support calls?


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worki... workingmama86

lol. I felt like that guy when talking to Comcast not too long ago. They kept dropping my calls and transfering me to different departments and putting me on hold for long periods of time. 


At one time, I used to work at telecommunications customer service call center...awwww--good times.  The stories I could tell about customers...the screams, the cursing, the disrespect, the abuse, the crying, the threats, etc  for a cell phone and service.

abra819 abra819

Lame....what a baby

kissa... kissandtell

Is this real? That guy has serious anger management issues.

youth... youthfulsoul

This sounds like every customer service call I've placed. Not me, I mean the total ineptitude of customer service departments.

It was a good laugh though.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

I work in Customer Service and a lot of times you cant even put the blame on us!! The information we provide to you is the information that is provided to US... So (i work in proeprty management) if my property managers are not inputting information in the system then I dont have any information to provide- We are the middle men and have no control over the info provided to us

Net1957 Net1957

I admire the service tech for keeping his cool. Although I sympathize with the caller I'm not sure how calm I would be after being screamed and cursed at! I tend to take things personally which is why I'm not in the customer service industry!


cmjaz cmjaz

I'm in customer service...kinda...and after years of dealing with very angry customers, is to let them vent and don't say anything until they're done. Then tell them you're sorry and that you will try to help them. Really, that's all any of us want...for someone to say they're sorry and for us to feel like someone is actually trying to help them. Even if you can't.

nonmember avatar J

Ha ha ha...worked for Comcast in inbound sales in college. Man, the stories I could tell. Don't mess with someone's cable, for real. There utilities are being shut off but they just HAVE to have that platinum package. Hated selling people stuff I knew they didn't need. But now I HATE calling Comcast, yet know how to work the system!

2monk... 2monkeysnj

this must be a joke


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