The 6 Stages of Excitement After a New iPhone Is Released (PHOTOS)

iphoneThe new iPhone finally arrived on September 10. Er, sorry, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C arrived on September 10. And while, for most, it was a day to say, "Oh, cool. Maybe I'll get one of those some day," for others, it was a day to TEAR YOUR EYEBALLS OUT IN EXCITEMENT!!!

Some people really love iPhones, you guys. Here are the 6 stages Apple fanboys and fangirls go through when a new iPhone comes out.


First, there's the waiting -- months before Apple even announces when they'll unveil a new phone.

cookie monster

 Then, there's when Apple announces they'll unveil a new phone.


Then, there's T-MINUS FIVE MINUTES!!! until Apple unveils the new iPhone.


 Then. There's the unveiling.

breathing into a bag

Followed by:


And finally. There's getting the new iPhone and burying your nose in it until the next murmurings of a new phone surface.


Do you know anyone this excited to get a new iPhone?


Image via holistic monkey/Flickr

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