The 6 Stages of Excitement After a New iPhone Is Released (PHOTOS)

Nicole Fabian-Weber LOL

iphoneThe new iPhone finally arrived on September 10. Er, sorry, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C arrived on September 10. And while, for most, it was a day to say, "Oh, cool. Maybe I'll get one of those some day," for others, it was a day to TEAR YOUR EYEBALLS OUT IN EXCITEMENT!!!

Some people really love iPhones, you guys. Here are the 6 stages Apple fanboys and fangirls go through when a new iPhone comes out.

First, there's the waiting -- months before Apple even announces when they'll unveil a new phone.

cookie monster

 Then, there's when Apple announces they'll unveil a new phone.


Then, there's T-MINUS FIVE MINUTES!!! until Apple unveils the new iPhone.


 Then. There's the unveiling.

breathing into a bag

Followed by:


And finally. There's getting the new iPhone and burying your nose in it until the next murmurings of a new phone surface.


Do you know anyone this excited to get a new iPhone?


Image via holistic monkey/Flickr

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