Internet Troll Who's Busted on Camera Has Priceless Reaction (VIDEO)

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ebayisajokeThere's something that's just so damn gratifying about seeing an Internet troll busted IRL. Online, they seem all big, bad, and confident. A pied piper for fellow nasty, less brazen commenters. But when confronted in person, they appear to be exactly the opposite. They're scared, quiet, and look like they just want to get the hell out of this big scary place called "the world" and run home to the safety of their wittle compooter.

A news reporter recently busted one of the Internet's more infamous trolls, "EBayIsAJoke", whose online mission is to take down eBay sellers by bashing their businesses in the comments section -- even if their practices are perfectly good. The "news" segment is kind of hilarious and made all the more amusing by its pointing out that EBayIsAJoke's mortal enemy is a seller named Hubcap Joe (srsly, what world are we living in?). But the fact that another troll was busted -- and the whole thing's caught on tape -- is awesome.

Check it out.

(Note: It's a 9-minute video. If you want to get to the good part, skip to 6:10.)

Not so scary anymore. Charles "EBayIsAJoke" Fitch had the exact same reaction every other troll has when confronted by a news crew: Head down, evasiveness, and trying to get in his car as quickly as possible. We're yet to see someone who owns their trolling. At least we could have the slightest bit of respect for a person who does that. These people know what they're doing is wrong, yet they continue to do it for no good reason at all other than to hurt people.

Part of me -- the dumb part -- feels kind of bad for Charles "Chuck" Fitch, who the Daily Mail describes as "an obese bachelor who appears to live by himself and stay inside most of the day." The dude clearly couldn't be more miserable in his own life. But the other part of me -- the logical part -- is glad this giant douche was busted.

What do you think of this?

Image via ChunkyFinch101/YouTube

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