5 Awesome iPhone Photo Tricks Every Mom Needs to Know About

kaleido lens appOdds are, the thing you use to take photos with most is your iPhone. Particularly if you're a mom who has to lug around a ton of extra stuff for the little people in your life, bringing a big, bulky camera everywhere you go is just out of the question. It's kind of a bummer, because nothing beats the quality of an actual camera (especially a DSLR one), but fret not -- iPhones can take really beautiful pictures, as well. And the effects and apps are bar none.

Here are 5 iPhone photo apps and tricks every mom needs to know about.


1. Shapely. Shapely is an app that allows you to frame your photos pretty much with any kind of shape you want -- hearts, circles, stars. You also can add text to your photos, which makes it perfect for sending to grandparents via text or hard copy after printing them out. And it's free.

2. The LifeProof case. The LifeProof case protects your phone from everything short of a nuclear explosion, so feel free to take it into the ocean or pool -- and go underwater with it. Yep, you can get cool, artsy, underwater pics of your kids swimming around if your phone has the LifeProof case on it. Pretty rad.

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3. Kaleido Lens. This free app lets you play around with the photos you've taken, making them appear as if they were taken with a kaleidoscope. No, you wouldn't want to do this to every photo, but once in a while, a pic just lends itself to this feature. And totally not something you could do on a regular camera.

4. Path On. Like Shapely, Path On lets you add text to all your photos. But this is their specialty. Arrange words any which way you like across photos. "Happy Father's Day!" across a cute pic of your kiddo? Grandpa says, "Yes, please!"

5. Facetune. Sadly, we're all critical of how we look in photos. But with Facetune, we needn't be. This app allows you to "fix" your appearance (even though you don't need to) any which way you want. Whiten your teeth; hide your laugh lines; banish your blemishes. All at the touch of a button.

What photo apps do you use?


Image via Kaleido Lens

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