5 Signs Someone Is Stalking You on Facebook

binocularsWe've all dabbled in the art of Facebook stalking at some point or another. Whether it be an old flame, or a girl you just think is really awesome, Facebook, and all social media really, makes it super simple to see what the object of our interest is doing/has done/or will be doing in the near future. Is it creepy and weird? Hell yeah it is. But this is the world we live in, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em ... I guess.

But did it ever dawn on you that maybe you're the one being stalked? Yes, you! Why wouldn't someone stalk you on Facebook? You're cool, pretty, interesting. Hell, if I knew you, maybe I'd stalk you, too. JK. Kind of.

Here are 5 ways to tell if someone is "Facebook obsessed" with you.

1. They like and comment on everything. No, everything. And usually first. Every time you post something to Facebook -- be it a photo, an update, a link to something you read -- this person likes and/or comments on it within moments. If it's one of your close friends, it makes sense. But if it's someone you kind of know -- Weirdville, USA.

2. You keep getting tagged in applications. Think about it: Would you tag a random person in Farmville or Cityville or Whateverville? Probably not. If you keep getting notifications from the same person to play some Facebook game with you, you may want to unfriend.

3. They try to chat you. I was never a fan of having the "Facebook chat" on -- or any chat on for that matter. Why? Because super random people would chat me more than my own friends. May not clarify them as a stalker, but there is something a bit ookey about it.

4. They comment on photos of yours ... from years ago. If someone leaves a comment on a photo from way back way, sorry, but they're stalking. No bones about it.

5. They tag you in random photos. I had a friend who was tagged by a guy in a photo of flowers ... then in one of a photo of a beach with two lounge chairs. She unfriended him.

Have you ever been stalked on Facebook?

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Leigh Anna Clark Young

You forgot to add:  They like/commect on EVERY post that you like/comment on through the mutual friends that you share.  This act of stalking drives me nuts!!!

nonmember avatar MammaMel

When you aren't friends with them (ex-mil) and somehow 5 days after your sons first Halloween THEY put him into the EXACT SAME COSTUME that you had him in (well...same character...theirs was cheap as all get out)...and it's Tigger...and YOU have always loved Winnie the Pooh and they don't...and btw your fb pictures are private......yeah, that's one of MANY...also the time she took my profile picture and put it on her wall...and we AREN'T FACEBOOK FRIENDS

sassy... sassykat122

The act of putting pictures online is so that people can see them. Someone who takes the time to look at pictures you posted years back must think your worth it. If it creeps you out maybe you shouldnt friend every Tom, Dick, and harry who wants to friend you

HisTe... HisTechnoAngel

yes... currently am. They've been deleted & blocked, but they still use someone else's account to get on, with THEIR permission! It's all so frustrating. 

adopt... adoption2013

My account is locked and I only allow people I know on my friends list.   

nonmember avatar southernbelle

I agree with Sassykat122, the whole "looking at old photos is stalking" I have to disagree with that. I put them on there so I can share my kids growing up with family and friends, if they go look at ones I posted a couple years ago....great! That's why I put them on there. And they may have a free moment to get caught up on friend's lives. I do the samething with my best friend, cause Im not ALWAYS on fb so I look at pictures months later cause I missed them when she posted them. If you only approve people you KNOW, then it shouldnt be creepy, it should be like them sitting down in your living room and you hand them your photo albums! Finally my album photos get looked at instead of collecting dust on my end tables. LOL I dont approve strangers, and even the people I barely know like I went to hs with, they stay acquaintances that way they cant see all my personal stuff. People only see what I want them to see. :)

nonmember avatar Emily

I had a friend who a girl he sort-of knew from work took pictures off of his wall, edited everyone else out of them, and then re-uploaded them to her wall.

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