7 Controversial Facebook Pics No One Wants to See (PHOTOS)

photos on FacebookAh, Facebook. The place where our "friends" come to judge us and hate on our photos and laugh at us behind our backs. I have such a love/hate relationship with the social networking site. On the one hand, it can bring connections that change our lives. On the other, it can cause anger, confusion, and eye rolling so intense, we practically strain our eyes.

Certain photos, in particular, seem to bring out the Facebook rage. These range from innocent baby photos to obnoxious bikini ones and everything in between. It does seem that certain photos are just almost universally panned by many in our viewing "audience." This does not mean stop posting them. It just means be aware that when you do, you are likely annoying someone.

Here are the seven most annoying Facebook photos that make some people hit "hide" and still others hit "unfriend." See below:

What photos annoy you on Facebook?

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nonmember avatar krelia

I don't mind the flowers or the workout pics. The rest of that list id agree with.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I have a friend who posts pictures of her weiner dog at least twice a day. SO. DON'T. CARE. He looks like every other weiner dog on planet Earth.

manda... mandaschelle

I've only seen 1 photo that completely disgusted me. The wife of one of DH coworkers posted a provocative picture of herself in her husbands military uniform. All insignia still showing. I felt it was extremely disrespectful and should not have been posted on social media.

Simon... SimonzKedge

I agree with the duckface, workout pics and would like to add the "Share if you REALLY love God/Jesus" pics.  They're annoying and seem to be overcompensating.  I just scroll by them for the most part, unless that is all they post.  The others are fun and I enjoy seeing them, babies, kids, pets, foods, etc.  Though potty training ones I can skip, I understand when it's kids whose parents you're close to but live far away.  *shrug*

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I agree with the list except the ultrasound pics and pics of my friends babies, I like to see those(except breastfeeding or potty pics)I hate when people post pics of their dinner everynight but then again they are probably tired of all the pics I post of my kids. Lol

lovem... lovemy2sons25

However I wouldnt say anything to somebody about their photos (if I didnt like or agree with them) because its their facebook and they are free to post what they want...

Shandi80 Shandi80

I don't mind seeing pictures of people's food, except for this one friend, that posts nearly every day, food that looks absolutely revolting. I don't have the heart to remove her because she thinks she is eating healthy and I think it's honorable she is at least trying...but omg, you guys. It looks like vomit, every night.

Nelli... NellieAthome

Or maybe instead of making yet another list of things people shouldn't do people could, oh, I don't know, learn to be polite and tolerant and stop expecting that everything in the world is there just to suit their tastes or it should go away...........

nonmember avatar Julie

You might as well say people should never post pictures ever. You didn't even touch on the "click in one second if you wish cancer didn't exist" or abortion pro life photos or animal abuse. I hate those photos and people should think about what the images they are putting in everyone's brains but if someone doesn't like my kids photos, the flowers my husband sent because your husband doesn't send them peace out there are settings for that, and an unfriendly button. I wouldn't post pictures of me in a two piece but my husband has posted ones of me, at least thankfully I had a baby covering most of me.

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