7 Facebook Rules Every Parent Should Follow When 'Friends' With Their Kid

facebookA surprising new study claims that teenagers who are connected with their parents on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram tend to have better relationships than their non-techie counterparts. Inneresting. Researchers from BYU found that teens who have some sort of connection to their parents online feel more connected to their parents in real life. Half of the kids said they used social networking to keep in touch with their parents, and 16 percent said they had interaction with their parents via social media every day.

Awesome! Love to hear about parents and kids coexisting in the whiles of the Internet, as opposed to sneaking around. However, if you are going to be friends with your child on Facebook or wherever, there are a few social media etiquette rules you should follow.

Here are 7 Facebook rules every parent should follow when "friends" with their child.

1. Don't "like" everything your kid posts. Your child needn't be reminded that you're looking at everything they do online 24:7 every time they post something.

2. Don't comment on everything your kid posts. And at the same time, no need for your kid's friends to be privy to a million online "conversations" you have. A few here and there are sufficient.

3. Don't become friends with all of your teen's friends. The purpose is to be connected with your child, not your child's friends. Befriending all of your kid's friends is the virtual equivalent of being the mom who barges into her child's room when her friends are over to "get the gossip" a la Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls.

4. Don't embarrass your kid. All parents love showing off their kids online. But if you're actually friends with your child on Facebook, try to refrain from posting old naked baby photos of them.

5. Don't stalk. The fact that your kid has agreed to be friends with you says a lot. Try to respect that. Don't spend every waking moment perusing their profile for anything incriminating.

6. Don't tag your kid in photos without asking. This is common Facebook etiquette, but it's all the more important when dealing with your child.

7. Don't post 100 times a day. Nobody likes the person who clogs up their newsfeed. Especially your kid. Not cool, Mom and Dad.

Are you and your kid friends on Facebook?

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sassy... sassykat122

Most i agree with but guarantee if my kids were old enough i would be perusing their pages daily

SaphireH SaphireH

my mom has a fb but its only to spy on me and my life which she had done since i was little but i unlike my sisters wasnt dumb enough to leave stuff around for her to see, im 26 for petesakes and she can't let me grow up so ive got her 100% blocked through me, my hubby and all of my inlaws because its not her damn buisness. she also uses it to spy on both of my sisters because they are dumb enough to leave some stuff public and shes always looking up other family members to but shes not friends with any of them. shes just nosey.  my inlaws on the other hand im friends with almost all that have a fb because they are respectful to me

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

The number 1 rule for kids on facebook in our house is, no kids on facebook...so this is all irrelevant.

artis... artistmom27

My mother comments quite consistently on my page and I am ok with it. However, that is probably because I am a grown woman. My mom uses me to spy on my sister's page.

Gray Summer

Well according to this I am officially awesome!!! I am on my kids Facebook friends list. In fact we share a fan page that we run together. I hardly ever look at her personal page unless she asks me to. I only post every now and then and on special occasions or if I find something she will like. I do however have a couple of her friends on my page because they sent me requests. I never tag anybody or like everything I see. Oh and I hardly ever message her, but she messages me a lot so I don't have too.. #mykidisthebest

kathr... kathrineswitzer

I usually see my kids wall on FB to check they are safe and visit secure areas. I'm concious of their online safety too and use iphone spyware to ensure they do not misuse of FB.

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