5 Reasons Pinterest Makes You Feel Like a Bad Mom


mom sadPinterest is awesome, isn't it? You could just while away god knows how many hours on that thing. Pinning, perusing, following random people who can do amazing things with mason jars. But here's the other thing about Pinterest: It makes you feel like a crap mom. Sure, you're taking the time to cull through endless photos of kid crafts and file them under "Rainy Day Activities", but let's get real here: Do you really do them? And did you whip up that "Easy Rotisserie Chicken" recipe either? And have you DIYed any chevron throw pillows lately? I think not. But you're still a good person.

Here are 5 reasons Pinterest makes you feel like a crappy mom.

1. Everyone seems like the world's most awesome mom on Pinterest. I mean, who are these women? Not only do they come up with the most ingenious crafts for kids, they do everything perfectly. I tried to make homemade paint with my daughter recently and it definitely did not come out like the paint in the photos. And my daughter wasn't smiling like the little girl in the pictures either. She was trying to eat it. See:

nicole fabian-weber

2. Everyone seems like a world class chef. Those easy weeknight dinner recipes I always pin? Yeah, they're not so easy. And they require having more than a carton of milk, a bag of frozen peas, and pasta on hand.

3. It makes me feel bad when I haven't done the things I've pinned. I've only done a few of the kids' crafts I've pinned thus far, and I think I've literally made one recipe. I mean, Pinterest is gorgeous to look at, but am I wasting my time?

4. Pinterest makes me want. Pinterest isn't all about the DIY. They have plenty of pretty things that are ready-made. Like clothes and shoes. And I want them. Not a great quality to pass on to my daughter.

5. Why didn't I think of that?! My reaction to everything I see. I thought I was creative, man!


Images via Nicole Fabian-Weber/colorredgrey/Flickr



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bills... billsfan1104

The only thing I made that was good was buttered beef. But then again, I haven't made everything!!!

Rebekah Peabody

Pinterest has actually changed our lives. I was pretty depressed and bored as a stay at home mom of a toddler until I discovered pinterest about a year and a half ago. That's when I decided to do at least one thing from pinterest a day, whether it be a new recipe or an activity to do with my daughter. It inspired me to start my own blog with fun things that we do together. Pinterest doesn't have to be a waste of time and it doesn't have to make you feel like a bad mom. It inspired me to be a better mom. It's all about being intentional about trying the ideas you pin and using Pinterest to add creativity to your life.

amand... amandagrace731

I've mostly done a bunch of recipes and a few crafts but it doesn't make me feel like a bad mom at all, I love it!

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