Twitter Skewers Paula Deen With #PaulasBestDishes Jokes & Photos

paula deenPaula Deen is out at the Food Network. The channel is not renewing the Southern cooking queen's contract and many are saying good riddance, especially after seeing Deen's lame apology video. When news came out Wednesday that the celeb chef admitted in court depositions that she had used the N-word as a joke (!) and supposedly planned a "slave theme party," fans and non-fans alike were disgusted. The butter really hit the pan when Deen's "apology" video fell a little, uh, short. The Food Network is blaming Deen's PR team for that. But still. OMG.

It doesn't look like anyone is going to be forgiving Deen anytime soon and Twitter has gone wild mocking Deen with racially charged jokes and the hashtag #paulasbestdishes. A sampling of dish suggestions: Lynchin' Lemonade; Mulatto Marble Cake; Back Of The Bus Biscuits; Fresh Picked Cotton Candy; South shall rise again Soufflé. Some creative new "Paula Deen products" and other photos are also circulating:

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bills... billsfan1104

Where are you getting that she is not being supported?? She did not admit to anything but using the n-word in a private conservation over 30 years ago. And until black rappers and comedians stop using the word, not one black person has any right to be outraged by the word.

She is denying planning a slave based wedding. Read the deposition.

nonmember avatar MrsClark

@billsfan, Im black and darn right I have a right to be upset about anyone using the word. Despite what u may think, rappers do not speak for the majority of black people. That word is disgusting and most of us, whose parents taught them better know that our ancestors fought and died so that people would not call us that. I don't even listen to rap music, and the majority of black people that I know, don't
Ostensibly to it either. Why don't u think before u make another ignorant statement like that. With that being said, if Paula Deen said it in the past because that was her upbringing, and she doesn't use it anymore because she has progressed with the times, then she deserves some forgiveness. My only issue is that the woman who is suing her seems to indicate that she has heard words like that used recently. That is what I would have a problem with. I need to hear more of the details before I make a final opinion.

bills... billsfan1104

It is an accusation that she used it recently. There is NO proof other than a disgruntled employees accusations.

I did not make an ignorant statement. No one has any right to be upset with the word and demand that someone should be fired or her life ruined, until the word is not used by anyone in the black community. Why aren't you outraged when Kanye West or Chris Rock uses it?? Why don't people demand their firing?? That is my point.

This woman is being raked over the coals by one woman is pissed. I have not heard anyone backing this accuser up. Do you believe that her brother forces black employees to use a bathroom in the back and let's white employees use bathrooms wherever? Do you really think she said the n-word in front of one employee?? Read the deposition. All of it. Because if you did or do, you will see that she admitted to using the n-word in a private conversation with her then husband, after she was robbed at gunpoint over 30 years ago. At least she admitted to using the word. She is honorable in Doing that.

nonmember avatar MrsClark

Did o say anywhere that she deserved to be fired? No I didn't. Didn't u read that I don't listen to rap music? Guess not. I can't get a rapped fired so o choose not to listen to rap music. Just because some black people use the word doesnt mean I don't have a right to detest it. The word offends me regardless of who says it. Again, rappers and black comedians don't speak for the majority. They certainly don't speak for me. How would u like it if I had said something along the lines of white people have no right to be offended when black people call them racists because of what the KKK says. U wouldn't like that now would u? Why? Becuz they don't speak for the majority. I also said about Paula deen that I haven't formed an opinion yet. I don't know all the facts. Even when I read the deposition, I'm sure the whole truth isn't there from either side. My opinion, regardless if she's used it or not, is its a disgusting word. She nor anyone else should use it. Is she a racist? Probably not. I do however think that her PR team did a horrible job I'm damage control.

Madam... MadameGarlic

I'm with Mrs. Clark and I'm white, for what it's worth.

Madam... MadameGarlic

P.S. I have been robbed both white and black people and I never used that word. When I was little, we would have had our mouths washed out with soap for saying that.

Todd Vrancic

Who here has not used an offensive word when upset?  It's not like she lied about using that particular word.  Let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone.

nonmember avatar Sue

Her friend Oprah should give her a new cooking show on the OWN network! I would watch. We ALL make mistakes and bad choices! If you haven't .... We shall worship you!

Dorothy Duray Nelson

I wonder what happened to freedom of speech......I am not racist but, if I want to use a word I should be able to. I also remember Tom sawyer refered to people by a name that today would be considered racist yet......our kids read it in school?? Paula just made a stupid mistake and made a statement in front of someone that now wants her money....come on Food Network, you will lose alot of followers if she is gone!!!

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