Guy Texts Obscene Pic of His Genitals to Woman He Just Met & She Forwards It to His Mom on Facebook (PHOTO)

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Right on the heels of the story about a woman who posted the 'cheating husband' photo that went viral on Facebook comes another eyebrow-raising tale of social media tattling over someone's very bad behavior. A few days ago, a woman was chatting with a guy she met via the Let's Date dating app when he abruptly switched gears during a conversation about weather and texted her a lurid photograph of his penis.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the woman wasn't exactly charmed by receiving an unsolicited full frontal image, and the two of them got into a heated argument over whether the action was "disrespectful" (her words) or perfectly acceptable since it showed his "big cock" (his words). The whole thing was captured via screenshots, which makes for pretty entertaining reading -- but wait until you hear what she did next.

So here's how Trevor started his conversation with a woman identified as Tumblr user aheartbeatchanged: he asked how her day was going, wondered if it had started raining in her neck of the woods, then randomly sent over this image:

Whoah! I admit I've been out of the dating pool for a long time, but does that ever actually work? I mean, seriously, has the tactic of a dude basically shoving his uninvited genitals into a girl's phone ever resulted in a hookup?

At any rate, it sure didn't make this woman very happy, and the following conversation ensued:

Trevor probably should have taken her chilly response as a very good sign he should put his junk back in his pants and leave her alone, but he stubbornly kept at it, calling her a prude and saying it was no wonder she was single.

That's when she used the Let's Date function that connects people through their shared Facebook interests in order to take things to a whole new level: she threatened to send the photo to his mom.

As for whether or not she actually did contact his mother, she wrote via her Tumblr page:

Oh, I sent it. And I expressed to her my extreme worry over his treatment of women. Feels good, bro.

Basically, this is a similar moral scenario as the woman sharing the cheating husband photo, except in this case we've got the actual screenshot evidence that the guy did something he shouldn't have. I guess if you send someone an unsolicited dick photo, you can't be upset when it gets posted on Tumblr and shared by over 60,000 people (it looks like she's since deleted her blog) -- but if she truly sent it to his mom, I feel bad.

Not for the guy: FOR HIS MOM.

Trevor definitely seems like a giant douchebag with some disturbing attitudes toward women, but did his mom deserve to have that image mailed to her via Facebook? I don't think so. I think the woman could have threatened to tell his mom and that would have been plenty effective for getting her point across.

I'm not trying to downplay rape culture or excuse what this guy did. But she could have shut down the conversation, blocked him, and chalked it up to a bad dating app experience. Or even posted it publicly as a shaming exercise and let the cards fall where they may. Sending it right to his mom's inbox, though ... how is that any different, in terms of unpleasant and unwanted graphic experiences, than what he did to her?

What's your call on this dating conversation gone bad? Do you think the woman did the right thing?

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nonmember avatar jessica

GOOD FOR HER!!!!!! I find nothing wrong with this. Good for anyone that has the(no pun intended) balls to do this. Doubt that he will stop being a douche but maybe his mom slapped him on the back of the head. This chick is awesome!!!!

Nikko... NikkosMommy820

What she did was possibly more immature than what he did.... I get it, she was upset but showing his mom is just ridiculous..

corri... corrinacs

Maybe not sending the picture itself, but I think sending her the message that this is what he did....sure!

Jennifer Ives O'Meara

Again, I am going to have to disagree with you. When you act like a giant DB in a public space (train) or in a text conversation, you should always be held accountable for your actions. There is no such thing as digital privacy. How did this guy know he was talking to someone who was over 18? Would it have stopped him from texting dick pics, sadly no. How is what he did any different than walking down the street and being flashed by someone, that is still illegal I believe in most states. If you do not want your bad behavior on display for the world to critique, then dont act like an asshat. It is about time we stand up and start expecting better behavior from ourselves and others, and accountability is a good place to start. 

Marna Engel Gatlin

He got what was coming to him. I bet he won't do that again.

Count... CountryMomma123

WOW. If that happened to me I would have done the same thing except I would not have really sent it to his mother. As a mom myself I don't want to see that from my sons. If she really wanted to let his mother know what he was doing by sending the text that is one thing but she shouldn't have sent the photo. That is a little much IMO

Valerie Metzger

Seems like he wasn't raised to respect women in the first place, maybe his mother was the BEST person to send it to.

nonmember avatar Jess

I mean, if it was a teenager, or a kid sending her unsolicited wiener pictures I could understand contacting the mother. However, this is a grown man. Yeah, he is a disgusting pig, but his mother did her job and it's no longer her problem if her grown son is a sexual harassing idiot.

Shannon Blankenship Gueho

That was awesome!  ROFLMAO!!!!  Good for her.  I recently deleted my short lived profile on POF for crap like that.  No woman or man deserves to be treated that way.  I don't want to see anything of a man's until I down right ask for it!!!!

Pucca93 Pucca93

She did NOTHING wrong; I would've done the same thing! This guy needed to be taught a lesson and who else could tell this guy without him thinking that his things is so special besides him MOM. I don't know if his mom raised him to be a respectful person or not; but if his mom was in the same spot and she told his son. He would've done something about this. So always think about what the consequences could be. Always expect the unexpected.

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