35 Common Passwords You Should Never Use to Log In

passwordSeems like we need to have a password for anything and everything these days, doesn't it? Email, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, our iPhones. It's great because we feel protected and secure with passwords, but man, it's a lot of stuff to remember -- which is why so many people use the same password, or a variation of, for pretty much everything. Bad idea. But you know what the worst idea of all is when it comes to creating passwords? Using one of these 35.

Here are 35 of the most common passwords (common as in "easy to figure out"). Is yours on the list?


1. 123456

2. qwerty (the keys at the top left of your keyboard in a row)

3. password

4. Your birthday

5. Your dog's name

6. Your kids' birthdays

7. iloveyou

8. abc123

9. sunshine

10. trustno1

11. monkey

12. 123123

13. jesus

14. password1

15. michael

16. 12345678

17. ashley

18. Nicole

19. princess

20. rockyou

21. Daniel

22. babygirl

23. 654321

24. lovely

25. yourfirstname1

26. facebook1

27. letmein

28. charlie

29. dragon

30. 111111

31. welcome

32. shadow

33. football

34. mustang

35. master

Time to change your password? Or are you good? Wait, don't reveal too much!


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