Woman's Sad Breakup Is Shared With the World on Google (PHOTO)

Google Street View has caught some strange things over the years -- remember the "grisly murder" that turned out to be a guy's dog jumping off a pier? Or the half-man half-horse who was standing on the street corner in Scotland? Well, now a Google photo has gone viral that's a bit less mysterious, a bit more relatable, a bit more "Thank god they didn't catch it when that happened to me." Yes, a young woman's heartbreaking (presumably) breakup was captured by those wily Google photographers.


In the photo, a girl stands by a car with the trunk open. Scattered in a pile right near her is a bunch of things that seem to belong to her -- including what looks like a big stuffed dog, lawn chairs, and other detritus.

Someone shared the image on Reddit and claimed to know the woman. The person says the image captured is that of the woman being thrown out of the house she shared with her boyfriend -- who is also a friend of his. He wrote:

A little backstory: this picture was taken a couple years ago since they have been broken up for a while now. My buddy no longer lives in the same town as me but I became aware of this recently by his brother who is currently my coworker. I find this even more hilarious because I actually knew this girl, as me and my then-gf, her and my buddy used to double date occasionally.

He refused to give any of the sordid details of the breakup in order to protect his friends' privacy, which makes me tend to believe his story. Others, however, were a bit more skeptical, noting that maybe it was just a woman who happened to be moving out. With no boxes?? C'mon, that's a last-minute move if I've ever seen one. Not even sure all that stuff is going to fit in that tiny trunk.

I'm really not sure what to think about Google Street View. I was on it yesterday and it was kind of scary -- all those people going on about their business, unaware that they're being snapped for Internet posterity.

There sure are a few moments that I would be mortified if Google Street View ever got a hold of. No, Google, that is totally NOT me crying as I fight with my boyfriend on 14th Street! Glad this woman at least had her face turned away from the camera.

What moment would you die if Google captured?


Image via Google Street View

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