8 Things You Should Never Do Online

catMost of us use the Internet day in, day out, not putting too much thought into what we're doing. We go online; we do what we need to do out of convenience or sheer desire; and we move on. But there really are certain things we shouldn't willy-nilly do on the Internet, as they could have serious repercussions. I'm not talking about being unfriended on Facebook here. I'm talking about having your identity stolen or bank account wiped out. No bueno.

Here are 8 things you just shouldn't do online.

1. Don't bank in a public place. Okay, so you really need to check your balance, or transfer money from one account to another -- wait until you go home to do so. Public Wi-Fis are notoriously unsafe, and when you access such private information in a public place, you're putting yourself in a very precarious position. Not worth it.

2. Don't respond to spam. You may have an urge to click the "unsubscribe" button or send a long email rant as to why these people need to stop emailing you -- but don't. When you do that, you both let the spammer know that your address is "live", making it more valuable when they sell it to other spammers; and you reveal the route your message took, server by server. That's not good. You don't want to do that.

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3. Don't publicize on social media sites when you're going to be out of town. Would you put a sign out in front of your home advertising when you're going to be on vacation?

4. Don't meet strangers you meet online in non-public places. Sure, we're in the age of e-dating, and e-everything, but just as you shouldn't get into the car with a random stranger, you shouldn't privately meet with a random stranger.

5. Don't ignore people's request for privacy. You friend request someone and they deny you. Yes, it's a blow to your self-esteem, but they're obviously doing so for a reason. It may not be because they think you're a jerk, but just because they're a private person. Respect that -- don't try to "friend" them again.

6. Don't post photos of yourself drinking, partying, or doing anything even mildly incriminating. It WILL come back to haunt you one day -- probably when you're applying for a job.

7. Don't post work information on social networking sites. You may be super excited about an upcoming project, but resist the urge to post. What may be an innocent tweet to you could be valuable information to a competitor.

8. Don't be inconsistent with your real life. If you call out of work sick, you best just stay off social networking sites. You may just be running to the drug store, but if you "check in" somewhere via Foursquare, it could look shady to your boss.

What are some things you would never post online?

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Meg Moore

wheres dont post the noodz

slcjcc09 slcjcc09

pics of other people's kids without their consent...even if THEY post pics. They may have it set so that only a handpicked group can see the pics--not ALL your friends or everybody on the web if your settings are set ro public or if your posting to a blog. 

Jessica Owens Loyd

Don't dis the in-laws on Facebook. Never know who might be a mutual friend. Learned this one the hard way back in the day of Myspace...

Sara Cantu Welch

I agree with slcjcc09. That's exactly what I was going to say. I don't want to see new pics of my kids for the first time on Facebook after everyone else has seen them.... I'm mom....It's up to me to decide which (if any) of my kids pics get posted and the privacy setting for them.

Phil Kay

These are great don'ts that you never think of especially #1. I would have assumed that my bank (Wells Fargo) would have had a secure process, but then again, it is wireless. I guess the things that I wouldn't post online would be certain pictures and private information. I know that is obvious, but I really wouldn't care about anything else open to the public.

Sun_S... Sun_Shine_990

LOL At #4, don't meet strangers from online websites... Well Damn I broke a very important rule of online don't when I met my hubby then... Oh well I wouldn't change it for anything in the world... I do agree with everything else though... I don't think I've broken any other rules of don'ts though... oh well to each their own...

Wyndi Wyndi

Guess I broke #3 for the past few weeks. I'm in a different state than my family due to a family emergency. But I flew down alone and left hubby and the kids at home to sell and pack the belongings to bring down next month when we move down here to help care for my grandma and dad after his stroke last month.

Brenda Tolleson

If you do decide to meet someone you met online....please let someone know the who you are meeting, what your plans are, where you will be, phone# of the person you are meeting, and a screen shot of the conversations with a friend. It could save your life...even if you don't want to share ahead of time, leave a letter out in the open.

And MOST IMPORTANT....do not put photos of your children in the bath, have clothed, or in what can be perceived to a pervert as a compromising position. The perverts thrive on that. And while I think they are adorable others think vile thoughts about them.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

I also never allow websites to "save my card information for future purchases."  Hackers gonna hack, lol, no matter how secure the website claims to be!

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