Girl Saves Suicidal Teen 3,000 Miles Away After Seeing Alarming Blog Post

keyboardWhen 18-year-old Jackie Rosas of California saw something disturbing on a blog she follows regularly, she didn't just feel worried for a minute, then click over to a new site. Rosas took action, and that helped save the life of a teenager she'd never even met.

It's a pretty amazing story. Rosas was able to help authorities track down the identity of the 16-year-old girl who made a suicidal threat on her Tumblr blog, even though they only knew her first name. 

After some pretty clever detective work, police finally found the troubled girl in New Jersey. And she had indeed taken enough pills to warrant being placed on a psychiatric hold. Acting on an instinct, Rosas helped stop another teen from taking her own life.

This is a story that truly highlights the potential and power of the Internet. It's what it really is all about: that ability to make connections to people we've never even met; the possibility of sharing our stories, reaching out, and really being heard; and the chance to expand our support group and social circles in an extraordinary way. The key ingredient, though, is not acting as if what we see online happens in a bubble, but understanding, as Rosas did, that there are real live human beings behind all those tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos, and blog posts.

It can be easy to be completely disconnected from the humanity of the Internet, to hide behind the anonymity of a comment, or to just close out of a site and move on to something else. On the other hand, it can be easy to let online social friendships take the place of in-person ones -- which is equally dangerous. But when technology allows us to form better, stronger bonds that bridge the gap from the virtual to the actual, like in the case of this life saved, that's awesome and inspiring, and makes me hopeful for the future of a world where we are truly all connected.

Have you ever made a connection on the Internet that turned into a real-life encounter?


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tuffy... tuffymama

In a week and a half, I am meeting someone I met on the web a couple of years ago. Her kids and my LO are the same age, and we chat almost every day. I'm really excited to meet her and the kids in person. One mommy group friend and I text almost constantly sometimes, and we may as well know each other IRL. I've never saved a life remotely, though. ;0)

Bruja... Brujaoscura

I met and married someone that was a friend online for 10 years. I lost him to cancer 3 years ago today. When I responded to my instinct to ask what was wrong, I heard he had cancer, and was fighting as hard as he could- I came in and cheered  him up and made him happy.

Tami Price

Yes,I have. There is an online yardsale and we meet up at public places and sometimes we end up friending each other,it is really cool!


Amber Kline

my mother started talking to this woman she met online through using Facebook farmville( or something like that) they have been friends for a decade or so, i am actually friends with her on Facebook and we chat back and forth and she has even sent me homemade gifts and blankets for my children when they were born. she is a wonderful woman and she keeps my mom happy with her friendship, they have never actually met( we are hoping to get them together in the future to meet for real) but i think she saved my moms life in a different way, my mother was with a man for about 12 years who was not a good man( we will just leave it at that) and i think her friend( our friend) helped her through the really tough times and kept her sane enough to get through it all....there are a lot of sickos out there online but there are equally just as much good people looking for a friend, or a companion...

Nora Chambers

Met my husband in person 9 years ago this month afterbeing friends nlne for a year.  Just saw 2 friends that wemt online )who os met onleget married this month.  I have TONS of rineds met online only that are some of my closest friends now, most I have met in real life now, but not all.

Linda Neuman

My own life was saved via someone on the internet who I had never met. I was at the lowest possible in my life at the time. She too took the trouble to get help in finding me. It was thankfully a success story. Because of her, I am here today doing better than I ever imagined.

Bon Beams

I met a great friend in a support group for fibromialga. We talk everyday. We lift each other up and threw some pretty rough days of pain. We have never met in real life and probably never will since we are across the US from each other. She has been there for me more than anyone I know except my hubby.

wendyjoe wendyjoe

i met my husband while playing evony on facebook...

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