Laugh Out Loud Skit Shows What Facebook's Constant Changes Would Look Like in Real Life (VIDEO)


pokedAre you sick of Facebook updating itself? Silly question, of course you are. We all are, because the site forces upon us an endless stream of updates that are supposed to improve the site but just end up pissing us off. That's why this following video "A Facebook Update in Real Life" is so hilarious -- because we can all relate.

In it, the sketch comedy group Extremely Decent shows how the unending updates would play out in real life. We see a Facebook rep come right into a guy's house and start updating and moving things around -- his couch is replaced with a chair, and his TV downsized to accommodate a bookshelf. Then he moves to privacy settings. "Will you stop resetting my privacy settings?!" the poor user begs before Facebook shows him the new privacy door and window, thorough which, of course, all of his "friends" can crawl.

"I haven't talked to you in six years, and I don't know who you are!" he tells two guys in his bedroom.

Then there are people poking him, and some inviting him to an endless string of events. Ads line his walls. It's kind of ...  just what it's like online.

It's already gotten more than 2.4 million views on YouTube, and it's easy to see why. As funny as it is, it's also a little unsettling though. Watch for yourself and see what you think.

What Facebook updates irritate you the most?


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Jespren Jespren

Oh my, that's perfect! I have a 'mobile facebook update' sitting there reminding me to update facebook for my mobile...only by installing the new update I basically give facebook permission to take over my cell including: making calls or emails without my knowledge/express permission, turning on the camera or video, opening and closing apps, turning on my gps, and accessing my contact list. Um, NO! Eventually it will force the update or fb mobile will stop working. Guess I'll be off their mobile site when it does.

Jay Souza

I laughed so hard the neighbor's dog barked along. 



OMG!!  I was laughing so hard at quiet snickers became loud guffaw  and I was trying so hard to be productive today.

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