8 Reasons I'm a Better Mom Because of Technology

baby phoneYou know, sometimes I think technology -- my iPhone, specifically -- takes away from quality time I spend with my daughter. I'll sometimes text with friends, check my email, and take a zillion photos when the two of us are hanging out together. I know, not cool. But on the flip-side, in some aspects, technology makes me a better mom. Actually, it makes us all better moms. Here are 8 reasons why.


1. FaceTime. It's rare that a person lives in the same location as all of their beloved family members and friends. Things like FaceTime and Skype are perfect for connecting children to people who love them dearly, but who aren't close in proximity.

2. Smartphones save you time. Instead of sitting down and carving out time to check emails or social networking sites, I do it on the go when I'm not with my daughter. I take my phone with me when I'm walking my dog or heading to the bus. Boom, done.

3. I'm more organized. It's hard to keep track of appointments and meetings when you're a parent. Simply plugging things into your calendar and setting alarms makes them impossible to forget.

4. My daughter loves watching videos -- of herself. I try not to let my daughter see my phone too often, as, like all babies, she goes bonkers when she catches a glimpse of it. But on occasion, I let her watch videos I've taken of her -- she loves it, and man, is it cute.

5. I catch all the good moments on camera. Because my iPhone is usually nearby, if my daughter happens to be doing something particularly cute, I get to capture it. That way, not only do I get to have it forever, I can share it with people who aren't there.

6. I can quickly jot things down -- and not lose them. I usually keep a running list of things I need to get at the store in the Notes in my iPhone. Rarely do I need to run out again after a shopping trip because I forgot something.

7. I save money. Between all the deal websites I'm signed up for and all the money-saving apps I have on my phone, I can't remember the last time I paid full-price for something -- and that includes kids' activities.

8. It helps keeps me in touch with my busy mom friends who don't have time to talk. When you're a mom, you've got a lot on your plate. It's hard to find time to talk. But that doesn't mean you have to shun all social interaction from friends who are going through similar things you are. That's where texting comes in.

Do you think technology makes you a better mom?

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