'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Clearly Isn’t 'Busy' if She’s Always Tweeting (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamOh my God, you guys, I'm like sooooo busy. Between working, being a mom, and just ... breathing, I don't have time for anything. I actually had a bed pan installed in my desk chair, because, literally, I can't spare the minute it takes to get up and go pee.

Obnoxious, right? I think we're all in agreement that whole "I'm the busiest human being alive" thing has gotten old. But what's even more annoying is when people tweet/Facebook/make videos about how busy they are. Like, take Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. The girl can't stop talking about how busy she is on social media. It's like: How do you time for all this tweeting and whatnot if you're so busy Farr-uh?

After uploading a video to Keek the other day while she was driving with her kid in the car, talking about how she's so busy, Farrah has gone and done it again. She tweeted a Keek video at 4 a.m., and, well, she's just really busy, you guys, okay? (Side note: She filmed the video again while she was driving! What is wrong with this girl?) Check it out:

Okay, so it's cool that Farrah's not out partying in the wee hours of the morning (as she shouldn't be, because she has a child), but she needs to quit tweeting and keeking about how she's so busy. Everyone does. It's annoying. And what's the point anyway? It's only making your super-duper jam-packed schedule all the more jam-packed.

But if this is what you're after, Farrah, fine, we'll bite: You're, like, totally amazing. How the hell do you do it?

Does anyone you know Facebook or tweet about how busy they are?


Image Farrah Abraham/Keek

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momofcfk momofcfk

Well if people would stop following her and writing about her....she would well go away! I know you are here to "stir" the pot but seriously she doesn't deserve any of this publicity. It makes her worse....she is trash and her parents are trash and said to say her daughter doesn't stand a chance with these people being her role model.

nonmember avatar kaerae

I'm pretty busy too, but I'll try to find time to "lift up young women" who are desperately trying to get attention by broadcasting their private lives, driving drunk, making sex tapes, getting busted for heroin, etc.

Allie Cole

If people acctually paid attention.... SHE ISNT DRIVING. wtf. people are just so ignorant.. unless she is in europe, but whatever.

Alycia Middendorf

i used to like farrah but now she just gets on my nerves

Pamela Blakemore

You found time to have sex for money... Well I mean if you get right down to it that's what made you "famous" in the first place (Sophia enter Stage Left)... You're an awful person..a pathetic parent (find a sitter when you and your Daddy go negotiate the going rate to view your vagina's in action and leave your child at home) you make young single mothers everywhere look bad... It's a crying shame Sophia's fathers parents haven't figured out a way to take her away from you..that poor baby doesn't have a chance at normal life it's bad enough she got saddled with 50% of your genes..your as nuts as your mother. Lame bitch.

Lobelle Lobelle

Hey Brittany:

Hatter: A maker or seller of hats.

what does that have to do with the article?

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Brittany - I resent that, I almost never wear hats. You must have been in the same English class as Farrah.

nonmember avatar sirius

Make sure she isn't getting paid to trick people into watching her dumb videos. She should pay me a quarter to watch her nonsense and not earn a penny. Farrah take your little trade certificate and get a J O B.

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