'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Needs to Leave Jesus Out of His Tweets

sean loweBachelor star and fan o' God Sean Lowe recently sent out a tweet that read: "Never claimed to be religious. I don't like religion. Keeps people from the truth." The tweet was amidst a Twitter conversation about religion, where Lowe originally wrote: "I'm a selfish, greedy, prideful man who has been made new through Jesus. Fame and money are fleeting but His love endures forever. #mystory."

Here's a hashtag for you, Sean: #nothanks.

No diss to faith or the Big Man Upstairs here, but keep religion off of social networking sites, please. And while we're at it, why don't we throw in politics, too. Is it too much to ask to only see photos of people's nails, ice cream cones, and their feet at the beach? Social networks, I love you, but you're bringing me down.

Here's the thing about tweeting or Facebooking about religion and/or politics: It's most definitely going to start a fight. Religion and politics incite arguments when people are face-to-face -- think about what they do when people can hide behind a screen. People get pissed about Kim Kardashian online -- is bringing J.C. into the equation really a good idea?

No, the world can't be all rainbows and Pink Berry and faux fur throws, but writing about deeply personal things like faith is bound to irk a lot of people -- including when you have 500 people yelling at you about how you're wrong and a moron. You should know this by now: As a virtual society, we're incapable of having a polite discourse between one another.

So, Sean, while I don't necessary agree with your religious beliefs, I respect them -- but I do think it was a bad idea to tweet about them. Have you read the responses? Here's my personal favorite: "So weird how your phone autocorrected 'hydroxycut' to 'Jesus'!".


What do you think of this?


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Jenny Hatch-Hodel

Who cares if people don't like it that he talks about Jesus! We gotta listen to a lot of other unmeaningful, stupid crap about people all the time why not share our faith....it might do someone some good! Go Shawn!

Lauren Gardner

I totally agree w/ Jenny. As a matter of fact: I understand what Shawn is saying, and believe the same. Thank You, God, in Jesus name! :)


Melanie Dooley

There is a HUGE difference in being  "religious/religion" and  being a Christian. People can be "religious" about anything.  "Being religious" is an insult to a Christian.   


nonmember avatar Stacey

That's why it's called free speech...I know exactly what he's talking about! Jenny hit the nail on the head!!

Lyndi Bartlett

Asking someone to stop talking about something or someone that is central to who they are is like asking Nicole Fabian-Weber to stop being so dramatic in her blogs.... (By the way, not asking Nicole to stop because she is who she is).

nonmember avatar Crys

What a moronic article! Have u ever heard of FREE SPEECH!?

nonmember avatar Beth

How dare you! It's called free speech! It also has nothing to do with YOU or any other person besides Sean. Taking your advice, we should do away with absolutely any social networking because every person is going to say things that others disagree with, and that is just unacceptable, huh? Stupid article!

Jennifer Branson

Love to see the commenters on this article. Thank you! The Lord is my savior and if you want to follow my Facebook or twitter I will share it with you. That is my duty and my right.

nonmember avatar Sonny

I totally agree with Jenny & Melanie. And why should he leave Jesus out of his tweets? It's HIS twitter feed. He can say what he wants.

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