Toddler Left on Stranger’s Doorstep Found Thanks to Facebook

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zoe brownYou know how sometimes when you're perusing Facebook, you see a status update along the lines of "Missing girl! Repost this on your wall now!" and you just ignore it and go on to like a photo of someone's shoes? Yeah, don't do that. An abandoned 4-year-old was just identified, thanks in big part to social media and people who heeded the ever-present "repost" message.

Zoe Brown, AKA "Little Jane Doe", was abandoned on a doorstep recently in South Carolina. Roy Campbell heard his doorbell ring, and when he went out front to see who it was, he found Zoe sitting in a stroller with a note attached to her diaper that read "Call DFAC" (Division of Family and Child Services). The little girl was identified when a tip came in to authorities after nearly two million people reposted her photo to their Facebook wall. She's currently in foster care, awaiting notice of a potential family member who may be able to provide a safe environment for her, and her parents -- Alonzo Brown and Tongela Denise McBride -- have been arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

So, yeah. Although a lot of things on Facebook and Twitter are completely idiotic and banal, some things aren't -- and this is when social media becomes completely awesome, as opposed to a mere time suck! I mean, make no mistake, photos of puppies are fantastic, but social media as a means to help solve a crime? That's tremendous. And that trumps LOLcats any day.

So the next time you see one of those chain-like messages in your news feed, imploring you to help someone out you've never met, just do it. It takes two seconds and what have you got to lose? Two million people obliged this time and look what happened.

Do you usually repost "chain-letter" type of things to your Facebook page?


Image via Anderson County Sheriff's Office

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LostS... LostSoul88

All I have to say is at least the parents put her where someone can find her. You hear those horrible stories where parents just throw their babies in the dumpster or leave them in the middle of no where. I hope they don't regain custody of her. 

Coles... Coles_mom

This story surprises me a little. I'm glad they figured out who the kid is, but I honestly don't think the parents should be prosecuted. They also shouldn't ever have a chance of getting the kid back. They didn't murder the child. They put her somewhere she could be found. I don't know....I think this is sending the wrong message.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I agree with the top 2 posters. You hear about kids being killed so often at the hands of parents then you read something like this and think what a happy ending. Seriously this is a happy ending, if that kid had a decent home life with her 'parents' she would of never been abandoned. Sounds like this was a blessing for that child.


I agree with everyone too.  Maybe they went about the wrong way...but it looks like they were trying to save her.

John Basden

Maybe I'm wrong but maybe the girl has special needs and the parents didn't know how to go about getting the help they need.  I'm guessing she has special needs because she's wearing a diaper and doesn't know her name at 4.  I don't think they should be prosecuted.  But definetly not get custody of the girl.

Walki... WalkingDeadlove

They should lose custody of her and all future children as they have just proved they are not fit to raise a child but I don't know about prosecuting them. Part of me says at least they didn't kill her but then again what I'd the resident of the home wasn't there? What if he was a sick perv? They should have left her at a hospital.

Venae Venae

Geez, people, give her up for adoption - you can't just leave kids on doorsteps anymore!

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

Shouldn't be charged? What if they left her on the doorstep of a psycho murderer/child molestor? There was too high of a risk that they took with that girls safety, so yes they should be charged.

tuffy... tuffymama

Way to encourage more infanticide! Jeez Louise. Was the baby obviously abused? Starved? Cannot ANYONE in law enforcement or CPS see that this girl is better off without those assholes and they knew it themselves? Let them go or the next breeding losers may kill their kid instead of getting the baby to a safe place. This, to me, is a happy ending for this baby. Imagine the alternative!

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