Airlines Might Start Letting You Keep Electronic Devices On During Takeoff

airplane aisleGood news for those of you with the attention span of a flea: Airlines may begin allowing passengers to keep their electronic devices on during takeoff soon. Well, not all electronic devices, but some. Yay for not having to be in the moment for two minutes!

Airlines are hoping that by year's end, fliers will be able to leave their Kindles on throughout the entire duration of the flight, including takeoff and landing. But as far as smartphones go? Those badboys still need to be switched off. For now.

I'm sure there will come a time when we'll all be able to be facedown, staring mindlessly into our hypnotic iPhones during the takeoff, but until then, we'll have to settle for reading. It's not as fun as playing Bejeweled or taking pictures of the plane's wing so we can later upload to Instagram, but hey, it's going to have to tie us over.

No, in all seriousness, I really don't understand people's obsession with keeping their shit on during takeoff. It's five minutes! Why is there even a push for this? Read a Sky Mall; look out the window; take a nap; have a cocktail! Isn't that part of the fun of flying? I mean, I know overall traveling is a pain, but being in a plane is kind of like "you" time. Use that time to recharge your batts a bit -- you're always on your phone/computer. Take a break, amigo.

But for those of you who disagree with me and want to be connected to your iPhone 24:7, congratulations. This is victory one in what is sure to be a long battle. Mini vodka cheers.

What do you do on a plane?


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Worki... WorkingMom8479

Its more than five minutes.   And in the time when you can't have electronic devices, you also can't have a cocktail either (nobody is serving at this time). When you travel alot (esp. for business) using the time to type emails, get organized or read a book is productive-- instead of staring out a window.

If we can now bring small knives on a plane, we should be able to keep on the Kindle.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I enjoy looking out the window, TYVM. It's soothing. I like watching the towns, wondering what they're like, who the drivers are and where they're going. Maybe it's just me. I've always had to amuse myself, even as a child. We didn't have a Gameboy or Sega. So like I said, I learned to entertain myself in my head. It works, you should try it.

Donald G. Shelton

You've not actually flown, have you? Electronics must be turned off with closing of cabin door, and have to remain off until 10,000 feet. That's a minimum of 20 minutes, and if there is a line of planes in front of you waiting for takeoff can easily be 40-60 minutes. I like to take a minute to see what's out the window, exchange pleasantries with other passengers and the like, but it's quite reasonable to expect to be able to read one's Kindle when stuck in a seat. What's unreasonable is the regulation preventing it which is based on superstition rather than science.

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