Awesome New App Solves Parental 'Overshares' on Facebook Forever

Sharing photos on Facebook or Twitter is fun for, say, a weird rock you found in your salad or a strange bird that appeared in your back yard. However, it's not so great for sharing baby's first steps or first poopy. That's what Eugene Murphy created Tweekaboo

This app is fantastic because it lets you pull a lot of your baby pictures off of Facebook and Twitter. Those social networks are essentially black holes for content and my parents, for example, rarely use them. However, Tweekaboo encourages the entire family to connect to see the kiddos via an iOS app.


Murphy says:

I realized that the moments we shared told the real story of our children's lives - we just weren't organizing them into a cohesive story. Tweekaboo captures that flow of moments, turns them into a story and allows grandparents and family members to become part of that story.

Android and Windows Phone apps are forthcoming. 

I tried the app today and have already set up the family with accounts. I type in everyone's name and birthday and the app did the rest. You can tag kids in each photo you take and even add tags for special occassions. It stores all of your photos, from first baths to first dates, in one central repository.

Murphy says he's planning on adding interesting new features like facial recongnition and automatic album creation. He's also partnering with a printing company to allow you to print nice books of photos of your various adventures.

He sees Tweekaboo as the baby book you never have to worry about messing up. While most new parents have big plans to stick a bunch of photos and milestones in their baby book at home, it's rare that you get past the first few pages. This app allows you to keep those moments safe and private and share them only with those most important to you.

This, in turn, should keep photos of baby's first poopy off of Facebook where singletons and childless couples won't be scared off from reproducing. Win-win, as they say.

You can download Tweekaboo here and try it for free. Adding friends and family - and your spouse - is as easy as pressing a button.

Do you lose your photos on Facebook?


Image via Tweekaboo

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