Child Support Avoiding Dad Busted After Posting Giant Pile of Cash Photo on Facebook

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moneySome people just can't handle Facebook. And I'm not talking about the people who post 37 pictures when they go out for a quart of milk here, I'm talking about the people who post pictures of themselves with a pile of cash when they've never paid a dime of the child support they owe.

Christopher Robinson, 23, is currently facing three felony counts of failure to support his 3-year-old child. Police were able to arrest the reportedly wayward father after the Milwaukee County D.A.'s office happened upon pictures posted to Facebook that featured Robinson sticking his tongue out and giving "rock fingers" over a heaping pile of 20s. Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern wasn't willing to get into the specifics of what information regarding Robsinson was on the social networking site, but he did say: "Facebook has become a repository for information that we may not ... know about."

So, yeah, some people just can't handle Facebook.

Think about it: This dude owed a ton of money in child support. Three years' worth. Yet, there it is, clear as day: A photo of him posing with wads of cash on the Internet. Whether he posted the pic himself, or someone else did, it doesn't really make a difference. Bottom line is, Robinson was more engrossed in having what I can only assume he deems "a cool picture of himself" online than getting caught shirking his duties.

And he's hardly the first person to get busted from something they posted on Facebook. There are countless people who have been the architect of their own demise, thanks to something they wrote on the site, or a photo they uploaded. On a smaller scale, I totally have caught people in little white lies because of Facebook. If you were staying in tonight, why did you just post a photo of you and your boyfriend at a restaurant? Hmmm ...

It's awfully easy to get caught these days, thanks to Facebook. People want to be seen! They want to be heard! And clearly, that's predominantly what's on their minds. I mean, bailing out on three years of child support, then uploading a photo of cash. That's just dumb. And that, my Friends, is being drunk on Facebook.

Have you ever caught anyone in a lie because of Facebook?

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amnew... amnewlon8982

This falls onto just about the same category as a phone call I received from the Attorney General's office 4 days before Christmas 2012. They informed me that my eldest daughter's father was suing for visitation. Let me just say, she is eight and he has never seen her (his choice because his girlfriend was more important, nor has he ever paid one penny toward her childcare formula, diapers, wipes, clothes, food, etc.). The guy in this article is an idiot and I hope they make him pay and hold him accountable. Not just for the sake of his child but for any relationship he could hope for on the future with his child. While he may fall into the young, immature, and/or stupid category, my ex was 32 when our daughter was born. She just wasn't something he wanted. Looking at my beautiful baby girl, I don't get it, not for a second.

nonmember avatar jaimi

Wish my son's dad lived in a state like son is now 20 and his dad just started paying last year after years of chasing him all over the country...he now owns his own tattoo shop, just bought him and his girlfriend brand new Harleys and is buying a house....yet he asks for a public defender to fight the $164 he is ordered to pay a MONTH...

velve... velvetheart83

Reminds me of my ex, he was 27 when I was 17 & got pregnant, haven't seen him since I was 3 weeks along, yet I took all the responsibility for it. He never calls, writes, sends birthday cards, nothing. No child support except occasionally when he quits too late & they pull a portion, but usually it's get hired & quit, so he doesn't have to pay. I added him on facebook to try and get them connected, my son is now 12, all he did was steal My pictures of my son and put them on his page boasting himself as a "proud parent" to hit on girls. The very last call I got from him, my son was 2 & he called to yell at me to cancel the child support order because he couldn't afford it (but he could afford the tattoos & RPG adult nerd gear he posted apparently) and told me.. Actually had the nerve to tell me "That kid of yours isn't worth $250 a month" 

The only time he had an inkling to visit, he didn't even bother when I gave him local hotel prices. He wanted to stay with us to visit.... Not fucking likely, I'm not about to make my husband & kids uncomfortable by letting a deadbeat, tattoo covered person sleep in our house. Plus considering the last I knew of him he was always high on something, why the hell would I welcome that?? And he actually tried to tell me I was obligated to give him room & board for it!! Now he's 40 & still living in Mommies basement.

hello... hello_kitty25

To previous covered people make others uncomfortable? Lol

nonmember avatar Lacey Straight

LmAo! What a jackass! My question, though, is, I know the artical states the dumbass is "facing" 3 felony counts, but would the procecuter have to prove the money was the dumbasses? Either way, what a p.o.s. I wish their was some way to prove all the $ my son's jackass "father" has with held from his son. What do they think... "Oops... I changed my mind. It's your job to make sure he has everything he needs... Forever."

nonmember avatar am

Sounds like my ex only he calls once or twice a year. He is way behind on childsupport to. If he wanted to see the kids, stupid me, I wiuld let him. This last time he asked to have them for 2 weeks this ksst summrr and i agreed. Well, he didnt bring them back when he agreed to so i went to get my children and was met by a sheriff with a restraining order. He claimed that the children ad hesd lice but waited 7 weeks to take them to dr. Goes after me for child support. Says they cant afford anything because the have to pay someone to bring them 130 miles to pick up kids when its my weekend and says they dont drink and dont allow it around our kids. Facebook shows different. There are pics of them drinking, drinking with my child in background and him in a Neiman Marcus suit. Lots of pics proving he is a liar. BTW the judge believed his lies even though he has NO proof of them and I had all the proof proving he was lying. Someone is being paid off here or something.

velve... velvetheart83

No, the fact that he is most likely on drugs, and a total stranger to everyone else & someone I haven't even seen since I was 17. I'm 30 now. ...and they're not even cool tattoos, they're like "hey look, i'm 40 and my biggest accomplishment is being the "king" of my own pretend kingdom that takes place in public parks with teenagers.

nonmember avatar Bear74

To am, you will have to fight them in court. But as my husband always tells me, have your ducks in a row. That's how we beat all 4 of our ex's ( 2 his & 2 mine) we both started very young. Document everything to do with them, the kids, correspondence, etc. including Facebook posts and school records. Make sure you pick the judge and go at them when they do not see it coming. Good Luck

Sara Rehm

Sounds like my x husband who I had three wonderful children with, he doesnt bother to pay at all, he is 80,000 in the rears and it took me 6 years to finally get him in court, but the piece of sh*t only pays when he is ordered by the judge or jail time. He has missed so many birthdays and how much they have grown up. The really messed up thing is he has a girlfriend living at momma's house with twins and another on the way(boy). He said he finally get his boy he always wanted, wee f*ck you b*tch you already have one that just turned 13. Where are you in his life? Thats right your not! I've had to move from place to place because of his sorry ass not helping support them in the least bit.... He will get what he deserves.

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