10 Awkward Facebook Moments That Will Make You Die of Embarrassment

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Ah, Facebook. So many ways to make fun of it. There's the Vaguebookers, the "Pay attention to me!" types, the suspiciously fawning spouses, the Debbie Downers, and the Mommyjackers. But then there's the super awkward things that just kind of happen, even if you consider yourself a conscientious Facebooker. But Facebook is a microcosm of the human condition -- plus, it's there. So we all keep going back where the action is, no matter how much we gripe about it.

Here are 10 super awkward Facebook moments.

That awkward moment when ...

You insult your friend's friend. Most of us don't peruse our friends' entire friends list before we post in a thread. Though maybe we should. I just saw an instance where a friend posted an interview with a writer. And then her friend came into the thread and insulted that writer. And then the writer -- who was my friend's friend -- came in and said, "It's not nice to call someone a douchebag. You never know who's listening." Awk-o-ward!

You like something horrible. Facebook is notoriously missing a "thumbs down" button, and a lot of us don't have time to post a comment, so we find ourselves automatically acknowledging updates with a thumbs up. And that can mean belatedly realizing we just "liked" the fact that a friend's dog died.

You reveal your stalking. There you are, stalking through your ex's pictures of him and his new girlfriend on vacation, when suddenly your finger slips and you "like" the photo of them kissing by the rapids. Whoops!

You get a friend request from someone you unfriended. So you finally made the decision to unfriend that annoying person who kept writing stupid crap on your wall. You feel empowered. You feel proud. And then a few months later, that person friend requests you with a personal note: "Hey, I think we got unfriended by accident." Errr ...

Real life. That awkward moment when the person whose friend request you've been deliberately ignoring approaches you at a real life party and asks why you haven't accepted her friend request yet. "Ohhhh, did you send me a request? Ohhhh, I really need to check that more!"

Forgetting your own friends list. There's nothing quite like saying something negative about a person only to realize, hours later, that that person is on your friends list.

Your cousin the plumber. That awkward moment when you ask for plumber (or anything else) recommendations and your cousin pipes up with: "I'm a plumber! When do you need me?" And he, of course, was the very person you were trying to avoid hiring.

Your boss. That unbearable moment when your boss sends you a friend request. If you don't accept, life in the office becomes super awkward. If you do, life on Facebook as you know it is over.

You bust yourself. That forehead-slapping moment when you realize you've been Facebooking all night even though you told someone you didn't want to see that you wouldn't be home because you were going to the opera/yoga class/the hospital. And that person is on your friends list.

You bitch about your ex. Only to remember that his best friend is still your Facebook friend.

What awkward Facebook moments have you had?


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nonmember avatar KA

My most awkward moment was when I privately msg'd family re: a surprise for my dad/stepmom. My cousin responds back & we start talking about how we think my SM needs a break from certain things & we didn't realize that our whole thread could be read by everyone!!And then someone msg'd me on it & my sister starts a fight w/my stepsister. Really!? We didn't say anything bad, but it was still embarrassing..I will NEVER do that again.

nonmember avatar cece

Or how about when you make a private event invite and two minutes later it shows on the need feed " Cece created the event Christmas Party and it is private on December 18 at 7pm at *insert address*" and then the horror when people rsvp and "Annie is going to Christmas party at *insert party info*" Seriously why do they give the option of making an event private if they are going to put it on blast anyway? Sorry I don't need ALL my friends and their friends knowing my address thank you!

insei... inseineangel

I am very conscious about what I post on facebook If it's nagging/complaining about someone, I always check to make sure whether or not they are on my friends list, and I make sure to set it so it can only be viewed by certain people. You can do that, ya know.

Bosses, I tell them "yeah, I think I still have an account, but I really try to stay away from it now. That FB/Twitter/etc. is nothing but a trouble starter."

The "Unfriended": Deny the request with a simple message that states: if we unfriended, there must be a reason. 

Friend requests: I'm a bad one for saying "I swear, my FB hates me, it NEVER shows me that stupid notice that pops up for friend requests/messages. 


Those touch screens have gotten me into big trouble...***hanging my head in shame and whispering*** "I am a NOTORIOUS FB stalker!  It's awful--and I have been toning it down alot--especially when I found out the my public "Activity Log" tells EVERYONE who I am viewing---GOSH!!  Anyhoo, I digress,  so I was doing my thing, FB Stalking, and low and behold, my wide-A$$ finger hit an area that cause the hair on the back of my neck to stand up and I said "Uh oh!"  And sure enough, I was accepted as blah-blah's friend!  Yikes!!!  She is a 20+ year old person (a classmate of my children) who had some interesting comments and I was giggling about her status...I "vowed" to remove her--but, I just can't help keep her--little does she know, she entertains me so much.  It's like a soap-opera.  My 40+ world of FB friends can become very tedious at times--food shots, face shots, religious shots, grandchildren shots, "I love my spouse" shots--hum drum.

***I know, I know it is shameful...and I am trying (very little and very very very slowly) to change.  Please forgive***

Kediset Kediset

That awkward moment when you get a random friend request from someone you removed a while ago only for things to be the same before. I'm pretty sure that was an accidental friend request... (he never said a thing to me after I accepted, hoping it was genuine. I bet it was one of those lazy send friend request to everyone on your email list things)

Stacey Heiden

Oh my fav boo-boo was those lovely little side ads that tell you what your friends are liking and/or purchasing. I honestly had no idea FB was announcing my Amazon activities. Hubby was on the laptop on his FB page and I happened to glance over his shoulder. Right there larger than life itself was the "Triple Treat" purple pharaoh vibe I had bought as a gift. (swear) I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed... to the point of just about passing out! It's funny now but DAMN did I change my settings quick!

auror... aurora.dove

I don't really have a lot of awkward moments on facebook because I don't make drama posts, I don't talk crap about people on facebook, and I don't post things I don't want the whole world to see just in case they do. I did however accidentally like someone's RIP post the other day about a classmate of ours who had passed away...but that was my phone being ridiculous and it hit the like button instead of bringing up the comment area.

Trist... TristanMitchael

I had someone accept my friend request, but I have no idea who they are nor have I even looked at their Facebook before. It could of been my kids playing around but I changed my password just in case. I have accidentally added someone before though. Oops!

Momof... MomofaGamer

I was unfriended this past summer and I have no idea why. I have a very accessible Facebook timeline; i.e. young, old, family, friends, and acquaintances are all in my friend list. I'm not a humble bragger and I engage a lot with my FB friends. There's a bit of an awkward history with this contact, but I thought since we'd been FB friends for over a year, that the weirdness was behind us. Apparently not. I was mortified at first, but then I found the whole experience to be liberating; I finally realized the extent to which the weirdness in our relationship had very little to do with me. :)  

nonmember avatar christine

OMG!!! Just reading the comments, I had no idea that people could see my Amazon purchases or whose profiles I have looked at:( UGH, sometimes I hate FB

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