Guy Who Posted Photos of People at the Gym Without Them Knowing Gets What He Deserves

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Cell phone cameras were a great, but also really annoying and bothersome, invention. I'm so tried of this new trend of taking photos of unsuspecting people wherever, whenever, doing whatever, and then posting them online. There just seems to be absolutely no thought for people's privacy anymore. So I was thrilled when I saw this story of student who got arrested for posting pictures of people on Twitter who were doing nothing but working out at the gym. The little jerk student, Caleb Kordsmeier, ran a Twitter account called @HPERprobsUARK. Well, I guess it's Caleb's problem now. The account was solely to post pics of people working out at the university gym. Without them knowing.

Police began investigating the account after people working out had their photos posted on Twitter for all to see. Yeah, that's just what you want, right? As if there's not enough intimidation when you go to the gym, you really want some jerk-off posting photos of your workout.

Apparently some of the photos were taken with the knowledge of the people involved -- but others were not. And those photos included pics of people in the locker room! Seriously, dude, what??

Police didn't say what the specific charge against this little asswipe was, but hopefully it starts a trend of arresting people who do this kind of thing for invasion of privacy. I often see pictures of people that were obviously taken without them knowing on my Facebook feed. Sometimes it's just cute photos -- like a friend who took a pic of a guy in a silly hat sitting on the subway.

But let's think for a second here, okay? What if that guy had taken the day off work because he's sick. And then he gets on the subway for whatever reason -- maybe he was going to get meds, maybe he wasn't really sick -- and then his boss sees the photo and he gets in trouble. You never know what unintended repercussions your snapping habit could have.

It's one thing if it's a big news story. You see someone committing a crime and snap it? Okay. But these random moments that capture people just going about their day and then foist them into the cybersphere -- that I have a problem with.

So I'm glad this guy was taught his lesson. I certainly hope he was banned from that gym.

What do you think about posting pics of people online?


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Kediset Kediset

I once took a pic of a guy sitting one seat over, cause he was sleeping with an airline blanket covering him from head to toe (like he had it over his head and stuff). my bro still lectured me about that :x

Jill Riter

That is "street photography" - except for the fact that this probably wasn't a public place/public gym. Look at newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc., people take pictures of people. The problem here is that this is a specific place with people of routine. This exposes where a certain may be at a certain time and this can put them in a compromising position (without even knowing it.)

jkp-buff jkp-buff

People need to become more educated about photography and privacy. You have no expectation and no right to privacy when you are in PUBLIC. Anyone can legally, ethically, and morally take your picture and post it anywhere they damn well wish if you are in PUBLIC and they don't need your permission nor your knowledge. They can take pictures of your precious little snowflake at the park and post it to facebook. Celebrities have to deal with having their picture taking everytime they're in public, and so do you. If you don't like that fact, don't go out in public.

There are famous photographers who have entire art collections of people's pictures taken when they were unaware. Who owns that image? The artist, not the subject.

The reason this guy got in trouble is because he took pictures in the locker room. That's the same as taking pictures in the bathroom. Those areas do have an expectation of privacy (women aren't allowed in the men's room and vice versa). If he had only taken pictures in the actual gym, people could have complained but wouldn't have any been able to stop him.

Twist... TwistedBella

Some of the pictures are actually posed with full knowledge and agreement. The ones that are done within the men’s locker room were the ones in violation of the law and I agree he is in the wrong for that part, but how is this any different than those websites like People of Walmart? Those people don't know that their pictures are being taken and plastered online along with the millions of other sites that host media by dozens of awkward/ugly/crazy people or outfit choices for our entertainment. I'm sure we are ALL guilty of getting a few laughs at the expsense of others online, so how can we single this kid out for joining in with the rest of America on social networks? Do you think celebrities like the paparazzi snapping and posting candid pictures of them 24/7 all over the web without permission? How is this guy any more 'in the wrong' than those guys? Sure, there is a limit when it comes to a pervert violating personal privacy, such as taking photos in a locker room where people are changes clothes... but random pictures of people working out or doing ANYTHING for that matter (in a PUBLIC facility or while out in PUBLIC) is really not THIS big of a deal if you ask me! I think it would do everyone some good to lighten up once in awhile and get a sense of humor or a personality at least.

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