Facebook’s Most Annoying Status Updates Revealed & Yours Could Be One of Them

runnerAfter yesterday's Facebook win (hey, who doesn't like it when two friends find out they're actually aunt and niece?), it's unfortunately time for another Facebook complaint. Researchers recently spent their time finding out who is the most annoying on social media, and you'll never guess which group of people came away with the top honor.

Hint -- if you like telling everyone about your goddamn runs, you might just want to stop reading now.

The survey of nearly 1,800 people found that most were annoyed by posters who bragged about their fitness routine and diet regime. Fifty-three percent of those questioned found this type of post produced the biggest eye roll, and I get it.

"I'm losing so much weight doing CrossFit but I'm trying to actually gain it! Argh! Oh well, gotta go jean shopping for a smaller pair! #juicecleansingtoo #IalsowantyoutoknowIhavebigboobs #didImentionI'mripped." Yeah, those kinds of updates are a little irksome, same with the ones detailing the emotional state of the runner mile by mile.

The second most annoying poster is that of the foodie. Forty-five percent of those asked said folks who share a picture of every meal are just kind of the worst. A close third was anyone who posted a vague or cryptic message that begged for questions that wouldn't be answered. "Pray for me ... big life changing decision to make today" -- those kinds of things.

In line after that comes the game inviters, the proud parents, the oversharers, and the self-promoters.

There is good news, however -- a cure, if you will. If any of the people you follow on Facebook engage in some or all of the above behavior, you are allowed, believe it or not, to unfollow them, or unsubscribe.

Soon your feed, like mine, will be "OMG best 10-miler everrrr!" free.

What status updates annoy you the most?


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older... oldermomat41

The #1 offender for me is the vague, cryptic message..."Can't believe this is happening today" GRRR I hate these and have a friend who does this almost weekly. I refuse to engage and never ask "follow up" questions, I just ignore completely.

I don't mind the posts when friends are at a race like tough mudder, etc. Fun pics but the random, daily, "Nicole ran 5.5 miles today" with the little Nike icon are stupid.

At election time I thought I was going to have to kill half of my FB friends! ;)

Idrea... Idreamofwires

The worst for my are christians.  I had to unfriend over a dozen of them because of their ridiculousness.

Maria J. Niel

For me the most annoying ones were of a friend about to get married for the second time and posting every bit of her preparations and then real time wedding pic, but the top of the cake, real time pics of her honey moon and tag every one on her friends list, needeless to say I un friended her.

earth... earthangel217

The one that drives me insane are the people who do the "dear sir or lady doing such and such at such and such, sincerely, me."  Friggen HATE those.  What is the point of this exactly?  Is that random person that was singing in the stall next to you really going to read your status, or do you just think it's funny to post your story like that?

nonmember avatar Erin

So if these status updates are all so annoying, what's left? Liking products and e-cards?

nonmember avatar NCC

I'm not a fan of the post jackers, but especially the mommy post jackers lol! Two mutual friends, one JUST gave birth a few days before, posts the first pic of the baby. Mutual friend #2 (pregnant) comments "I can't wait to meet my baby." Blah blah. Not even my own picture and I thought it was so rude. Or the mom who posts asking for help losing the baby weight and the first mom to comment says I eat what I want when I want I can't gain any weight. La di effing da.

Jackie Lilly

People who ask one to pray for some trivial thing in thier lives--passing a test, getting a passport, etc.  God doesn't have anything better to do?

bluey... blueyedchanel

The ones that really irritate me are the updates that express love for, or congratulate, or basically send some sort of message to a person who is not even on Facebook. Like "Congrats to my little girl, mommy and daddy are so proud of you for graduating from Pre-school. We love you!".  Or like my sister in law did once, "Happy Birthday to my brother George, you are the best brother around" and then she tagged me. My husbands not even on Facebook and would never look at mine so why post something that's to someone who will never see it?!?!  Attention seekers!

Stephanie Childress Mihalovits

I hate when people post nothing else but what their work schedule is or something related to work. So you have no other life outside of work? That and sports, especially if you don't even play the sport.

skrawli skrawli

I dont mind posts about Christ. (not being sarcastic)  Gosh I hope my un-christian friends dont unfriend me now.  *That would be awful.*  (Says dripping with sarcasm.)  Hello-if you dont like it unfriend them.

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