Facebook Accidentally Reunites Biological Family With Adopted Daughter (VIDEO)

facebook friendsFacebook's been getting a bad rap recently. The teens are over it, you're over it, and now, it's revealing your deepest, darkest secrets. It's time for some Facebook love, though, don't you think? Enter 29-year-old Abbey Donohoe of Iowa and 39-year-old Paula O'Brien. The two had been friends for four years after meeting at a party and had been Facebook buddies for about the same amount of time.

So when Paula posted a short status update about the selfless act her brother and his girlfriend made 29 years ago when they gave their newborn daughter up for adoption on September 19, Abbey was all, hey, wait a second.

September 19 was her birthday, she was 29, she had been given up for adoption, and yada, yada, yada, these women who had been friends for years just discovered that they were actually aunt and niece.

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Abbey had never wanted to find her biological family, explaining that she felt so loved by her adopted family, but Paula had prayed to find her niece for years. The reunion, it seems, was a happy occasion for both.

Facebook reunited them, and it feels so good. I mean, guys. Come on. How sweet! We all may hate on the social media juggernaut and complain about their privacy settings, lament people's desperate pleas for attention, and protest the posting of breastfeeding photos, but see? Facebook's still doing what it was designed to do (besides make money and get Zuck laid) -- it's still connecting people.

So show FB some love, why don't you, and see what it can do for you.

Do you still see the good in Facebook?

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Stephanie Caldwell

That's really sweet! I found 2 of my half sisters on fb, neither of whom I recall meeting, though Im told we have.. I've considered giving up facebook, but the truth is, it's the easiest way for me to stay connected to family and friends from my hometown-and I use it mostly to share pics of my kids and update on their latest accomplishments/funny things they've said. I could blog it all...but I won't keep up with it, so I utilize my fb.

Valerie Hooker

I agree with Stephanie Caldwell, I too mostly use my facebook to post pictures and funny things my sons says. My parents split when I was barely 7 and I didn't get to spend much time with my dad much less his family. Facebook has connected me with a lot of family members I didn't get to see as a kid. I really cant complain about Facebook.

nonmember avatar Crystal

I think it's great that they found each other. I found my brother that my mom gave up for adoption. I found him on MySpace though. I wasn't really looking for him, but my mother could never get over giving him up. She found him, but was too scared to contact him. I ended up contacting him, and it turned out he was looking for her too. I also have had a half brother from my biological father contact me through fb. Him and I are very close now. I quit MySpace, but I keep Facebook. That way I can keep in contact with my family and friends over the miles that separate us. I don't like a lot of the changes being made, and maybe one day I will cancel my account, but for now it's my link to the people I love.

Heath... Heathp721

My mother located her older brother that had been given up for adoption. My grandmother was only 16 when he was born and the father of the baby was older and got engaged to another woman after getting my grandmother pregnant. The father and his fiancée adopted the baby (because my grandmother thought being raised by a husband and wife was better than a teenage single mother) and then cut off any contact with my grandmother. She searched for him for years (so did my mom) but were never successful because they didn't have money to hire a PI. It turns out my uncle was raised by his abusive father who never ended up marrying his fiancée and he had told him that his mother was deceased. My uncle had no idea and was shocked to learn through a Facebook message that he had three sisters and a mother that was very much alive and well.

ToraT... ToraTigerMama

My sister found me and was able to connecte with our mom who I had never met. I now enjoy a wonderful relationship with my her. I spent 13 years not knowing who that my mom wasn't with me. Then another 10 trying to find her. Then Alisha funds me. I burst into tears.I didn't know what to say.

Ava Wilson

This also happened to me. I was reunited with my little sister who I hadn't seen since she was born last year around this time. It was completely by accident and almost two decades had passed since we were separated. Her mother had taken her to Florida, but then she came back to live with her grandparents in fifth grade. It turns out that she'd gone to the same school district as me for many years, and I'd even seen her once, but never knew her real name (she was a friend of my friends and they called her a nickname). We accidentally got reunited when she 'liked' a post I'd made on the Facebook page of a mutual friend, and I recognised her first name (Kiani; she was the only Kiani I'd ever heard about, but her surname was different than the one I'd seen on her birth certificate in our photo album). So I took the plunge and messaged her. Basically, "This is going to sound really strange, but is your mother's name Jill?" Her response didn't even answer my question, she just typed back "You're my sister, aren't you?" Two decades separated and you'd never know it! We're very good friends. Unfortunately our father passed away before she ever got to meet him, but she now has a family she never knew existed until she was a teenager. Facebook is amazing!

Nycti... Nyctimene

I was adopted in 1987 and it was a closed/non voluntary adoption so there was no contact allowed until I was at least 18. Through Facebook I managed to find both parents last year and am still Facebook friends with my biological father. :-)

It was nice because agencies make it very difficult to reunite even though they're the #1 source of information. I would've had to submit my information onto a 'registrar' and it could be over a year before they matched it to my [bio] parents and only if my parents allowed contact would I get word. Then I would've had to fly across the entire country on my own expense, spend several days (and hotel related costs) recieving "pre reunion counseling" and then a supervised, sterile reunion at their agency.

No thanks. This way was free, fast and from the comfort of my own home without a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit tape.

momma... momma0ffive

facebook is awesome for finding people.... if you have  a name you can find them.  my mom was adopted in 1959 and i found her brother through facebook

Gabby... Gabbysmom715

My father found me on facebook after not knowing him for 18 yrs.

Autiz... Autiziumom

With my friends we r always talking about the Lord and encouraging one anotger. So yes I see facebook as a good thing!

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