The iPhone Was Originally Going to Be Called WHAT?!

iphoneIt's always interesting when you find out that the name of something super popular was going to be something else. Like, did you know Friends was originally going to be called Friends Like These? True story. And did you know that the original title of War and Peace was War: What Is It Good For? Just kidding. Seinfeld reference. No, but seriously, everyone's always like: Whoa! Weird! I can't imagine blank being called blank instead! when they learn there was initially another name in the hopper for whatever they know and love.

So, get ready to be confounded, people. The iPhone wasn't always going to be the iPhone. Initially, it was going to be called ...

The Telepod. I know. Weird. And way too futuristic-sounding. Imagine calling your iPhone your Telepod. It's the equivalent of referring to your bedroom as your sleep pod, or your garage as your car sphere. I dislike. (Though I am self-aware enough to admit that if the iPhone was originally called the Telepod and I learned iPhone was also an option, I'd be like: Whoa! Weird!) Regardless, though, I'm glad the iPhone is called the iPhone. And that all Apple things are iSomething. It's uniform and familiar and lends itself to a litany of jokes among geeky Apple-loving friends. The Telepod is just weird. And it doesn't roll off the tongue -- and neither do these 5 iPhone alternatives:

The Nanite

The Romuli

The Self Photography Device

Radiation Probe


Just kidding. Those weren't alternatives. But Telepod really was. And it's weird. iEverything forever!

iDo you like the name The Telepod?


Image via atomicjeep/Flickr



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Shandi80 Shandi80

LOL, the telepod? That just sounds goofy.

Vegeta Vegeta

TeliPod would fit cause its a phone but looks Luke an iPod touch

rhps2000 rhps2000

Should have been called the MePhone. Because once you get it, it will consume your life. (Saw this on kid's Barnyard tv show). :)


I don't like the iphone. I got the windows phone and love it.

piggy... piggy11721

Love, love, love my iPhone. The husband and I always swore we would never become Apple people, but we were wrong.

DebaLa DebaLa

Tele- anything just sounds so retro-futuristic. Phones for TeleTubbies and Body Snatchers? It's that bad.

stara... starandseen

Thank goodness that was scrapped in favor of iPhone. Telepod sounds like something from the '50s!

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