College Admissions Official Busted for Mocking Student Essays on Facebook

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Another day, another story about some poor fool posting something they shouldn't to Facebook -- and losing their job in the process. I almost can't believe this is still a THING, but apparently no one is learning the lessons of those who have been fired before them. Today's cautionary tale comes courtesy of an official with the University of Pennsylvania, who was recently dismissed for posting portions of student application essays on her Facebook profile.

Well, not only was she sharing the essay topics -- she was making fun of them. So the lady whose job it was to coordinate college applications was OPENLY MOCKING the students' essays.

Facebook? Facepalm, more like.

Granted, I'm sure this person encountered some real doozies in her daily tasks of organizing the admissions process. And who hasn't felt the urge to complain about their job online on certain trying occasions? But there's a pretty big difference between posting something vague like "Having a rough day -- can't wait for happy hour!" and posting an actual student essay in order to ridicule the topic.

Apparently the admissions officer -- Nadirah Farah Foley, a 2011 Princeton University graduate -- had on one occasion written "Stop the madness" when posting part of one student's essay in which he cited the fact that he had been circumcised at Penn Hillel years ago as being an example of his "long and deep" connections to the University. Foley also quoted part of another essay where the applicant described overcoming his fear of using the bathroom outdoors while camping in the wilderness, and sarcastically added, “Another gem.”

Sadly for Ms. Foley, her run as Snarky Penn Application Essay Critic didn't last long, because screenshots of her online posts were sent anonymously to Dean of Admissions and The Daily Pennsylvanian on December 3. She's since confirmed that she no longer works for the University, and Penn says they're currently reviewing policy changes that "cover the privacy of applicant data and essay information."

Man, I can't even fathom what this girl was thinking. Not only was it beyond obnoxious to post content from those essays in order to make fun of them, it was spectacularly stupid to think she wouldn't get caught. Not only did she lose her job, but any future employer who Googles her name will likely learn what she did. All for a couple of cheap laughs on Facebook.

Are you surprised people still think they can keep their ill-advised Facebook posts secret?

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nonmember avatar Cass

As long as her account was private and the students' names were not public, it doesn't really bother me.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Kids work hard on those essays. And it's not like they get to pick the topic.

nonmember avatar andie


tuffy... tuffymama

What a dumb bitch.

Balogun Adesina

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katst... katsterling81

Make sure your child avoids these same pitfalls. The reality is that all adcoms laugh at some of the essays they receieve. It is just that this time, that conversation, one that should stay behind closed doors- was publically released. 

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