Woman, 104, Lies About Age on Facebook for Completely Unacceptable Reason

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FacebookSo, when I signed up for Facebook, I may have lied about my age ... a little. Instead of putting my real year of birth, I think I may have subtracted 10 years. I figured my "friends" would know it was a joke, and if not, well, then so be it. But that was my (not necessarily honorable) choice. Poor Marguerite Joseph, however, has been given no choice but to lie about her age on Facebook.

According to Click on Detroit, the 104-year-old Michigan woman has been trying to put her real age on Facebook for years, but some kind of "glitch" won't allow people over 99 to enter their real age. Her granddaughter, Gail Marlow, who updates Marguerite's profile page for her daily, said when she tries to type in her grandmother's birth year -- 1908 -- it changes it to 1928.

Shame on you, Mark Zuckerburg, this is unacceptable. This woman should get to proudly display every single one of her years.

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Seriously, keeping up with technology is one of the most important things people can do as they age for keeping in touch with relatives, for mental stimulation, and to just stay with the times. Social media should not rule them out when developing products. Our lifespan is growing, and technology should help and encourage this rather than write off those over a certain age.

According to the station, Gail has been trying for years to contact Facebook and get them to change the system so her grandmother doesn't have to lie anymore. She says so far she hasn't gotten any response, but still holds out hope.

"I would love to see her real age on Facebook, I mean in April she’s going to be 105," she told the station. "It’s special."

Special indeed. C'mon, Mark, make it happen!

Do you think Facebook should change the system so people over 99 don't have to lie about their age?


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Pixie Vol

This story is interesting. Except that if she was born in 1928 as FB is forcing her to state, she'd be 84 or 85. Not 99.

nonmember avatar American Expat

At least you and her get to lie about your ages, being women. When a man lies about his age online, it's a federal crime and he has to get on the sex offender registry for all the days of his life.

gridi... gridironsmom

It's a programming issue that they were too lazy to deal with most likely.

Coretha Ann Lee

Fix it! Let her tell her real age. She should be allowed to be proud of the years she has spent on this earth.

Blaze Hazen

I have a frined on there who listed his birth year as being 1913 so I don't understand why it bumps her 1928.


Andrea Mollgaard

Your wording of you  story title "unacceptable reason" is misleading. it's a computer glitch, not racism or a conspiracy to eat her brains. your fuss over a computer glitch is unacceptable. Mark Zuckerburg has developed a system that lets almost everyone show their age, and for that you should be thanking him, not acting like something terrible is happening.


Mary Ocheltree

In my opinion does not make sense to lie about your age for be honest. Some people do not even look their age for some can be 80 and look like in their 50's. I know a man who thought he was in his 60's and he will be 85 next week, for men or women can look young all depends on the genes and how you take care of yourself. Be honest and women are the worst of lying!

bills... billsfan1104

The title doesn't make sense. It sounds like she is lying on purpose, but she isn't.

lissarae lissarae

"Shame on you, Mark Zuckerburg, this is unacceptable. This woman should get to proudly display every single one of years."  Do you honestly think that Zuckerburg is still toiling away behind Facebook, doing each of the updates and programming? Come on, lady - he has a ton of proggrammers working for him now, any one of which could have easily made the bits of 1's and 0's error that is preventing this woman from putting in her correct age. It's not some vast conspiracy, it's a glitch! Instead of trying incessantly to enter in a birthdate that isn't being accepted, has anyone in the family emailed Facebook Developers to let them know, so they could... oh, I dunno... fix it?

To echo some comments above, the title of this post was very misleading, and the premise is based on faulty assumptions. And no, I don't think it's ok to lie about one's age "just because you're a woman" - grow older with grace, like you are purporting that the woman this article is about did - don't try to knock ten years off, cuz honey, I doubt you can pull it off ;)

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