The Top 4 Reasons People Get Unfriended on Facebook Are ...


A new study found that if someone is unfriended on Facebook, there's a good chance that person will avoid the unfriender in real life forever. I can't say I'm surprised, being that getting unfriended is hurtful and, actually, kind of embarrassing -- it's the electronic equivalent of someone saying, "Wow, I think you're really annoying" in real life. It stings. But the more interesting info this study gleaned is the top four reasons people are unfriended on Facebook. Oof.

According to a study published this month by the Hawaii International Conference on System Science, the top for reasons people are unfriended on Facebook are as follows:

1. Frequent, unimportant posts
2. Polarizing posts usually about politics or religion
3. Inappropriate posts involving sexist, racist remarks
4. Being boring: drab posts about kids, food, etc.

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Not exactly a shocker there -- I mean, who wants to be friends with someone who's constantly spewing their one-sided, alienating political agenda when you're just trying to see a photo of your friend's kid? And nobody likes the constant, mundane updater. But an argument I always hear is: Why not just block the user instead of unfriending altogether? It's not like they can see you blocked them.

Personally, if it's someone you're really not friends with in real life -- some random dude you knew from camp or something -- why not unfriend them? I mean, what's the point of having them in your social network if you find them irritating and want nothing to do with them in real life? If Facebook didn't exist, you wouldn't have contact with this person at all. And nobody really thinks having a ton of Facebook friends is cool anymore, right?

If there's a chance you'll bump into the person you're unfriending -- eh, might want to think twice and just block, as things could get kind of uncomfy. But if not, I say just go for the unfriend. It's your page after all.

Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook? Why?

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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Yep. I cant stand being antagonized and i have unfriended for it. especially if i only know ya on fb thru mutual real life friends.

nonmember avatar Mary Cimino

I have unfriended over those stupid "99% of you won't repost this" or "Hit like if you love,keep scrolling to ignore" crap. According to Facebook I hate puppies, disabled kids, America and Jesus since I scroll past them every time. And don't get me started on idiots who can't type. Case in point, a friends sister ranted "U shud treet me lyke an adult, I haz too kids and a gooder mother." Before I un Friended her I responded "Actually type and act like an adult and then I'll take you seriously.

linzemae linzemae

i block everyone. My mother in law... posts things that she thinks are funny, most of the time its a drunk status. People that cant type. My friend who posts 35 pictures of her kid watering the tree, then 2 months later tags herself in all of the pictures. Political rants.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I unfriended several people who were posting "information" about the Sandy Hook shootings being a hoax.

we2an... we2angels

What about unfriending just becauseyou no longer can find a reason they need access to all your personal stuff? Okay so I knew you a dozen years ago or we were in the same baby group but we never talk and you can't even be bothered to post a comment on anything I say or post? Facebook didn't have to be for everyone you've ever known, it can be for people you just know currently and family, IMO

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

I usually do not unfriend people, just hide them from my feed, but I found people's posting about Sandy Hook to be insensitive and unfriended them.

Happy... Happydad73

What about the endless memes? That is almost reason enough to go to somone's house and smack them in the head over.

nonmember avatar anon

here ya go, yet another article about facebook lmao :)

caral... caralicious

I disagree with the food one I bake alot so I post photos of my creations and my child is adorable so I post photos of her.  People suck if they delete me over this


Kaymad41 Kaymad41

I don't unfriend, I just hide the posts so they don't show up on my news feed.  I was friends with a twenty year old who posts anime constantly, one after the other.   

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